Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wild West Birthday

June 5, 2012

Hello again! It's been awhile, I know, I've been slacking. But I'm excited to share with you the recent Harris birthday festivity. Our little guy, Turner, turned 5 on May 1. However, due to many activities and the hustle and bustle of daily life, we just celebrated this past weekend.

I've been poking around online for the past few months trying to find clever ideas to incorporate into our Wild West party, and let me tell you, the ideas are endless. I had to limit myself, so I'd stay sane and not go broke. Many of these ideas are diy and very inexpensive.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. We had a blast!

#1. I didn't take a photo of the invites. However, they were pretty basic. I printed up a invite on 8 1/2 x 11 craft paper. Used some western slang and called all the cowgirls and cowboys over to our ranch for the party. I used the "Out West" stamp set from Stampin Up to decorate the invites and envelopes. By simply tearing the edges on the sides of the invitation off and distressing them with ink, it gave it a rustic/worn look. Simple and done. (the latter was the most important)

#2. His party was from 1-4 so we didn't serve food. But the cute ideas for "grub" are to be found on many adorable blogs. We did some snack mix, chips & salsa and peanuts in the shell.

As long as there are no allergy problems, the kids seem to have so much fun shelling peanuts!

As you can see we did a "soda saloon". I used my great grandma's old wash basins to hold our beverages. It was perfect! I made sign posts for all the different stations. And the decor I picked up at different thrift stores, garage sales and Hobby Lobby.

I borrowed a few hay/straw bales from my dad for decor and placed some extra items in a tin bucket: guns, a western story book, stuffed horse, etc.

#3. Activities were a blast to plan! When the kiddos arrived we dressed them up in appropriate cowboy/girl attire at the "Sheriff's Station". They were given a cowboy hat (dollar store), sheriff badge (dollar store pkg of 6), bandana (Hobby Lobby .99 each), and a painted on mustache if they wanted (my 2 were the only ones who donned the painted on stache). I was impressed at how many kiddos came already dressed for the occasion! Of course Turner has all sorts of gear, so he wore his holster with guns and his boots!

#4. They played pin the tail on the donkey (party city $1), built their own ranch using Turner's lincoln logs and animals, panned for gold, played horseshoes, went to the shooting range, raced stick ponies, had sack races, colored western pictures, and lassoed the horse. At the very end of each station they received gold coins to spend at the "Ole General Store".

Pinning the tail on the donkey!

Panning for Gold. I spray painted rocks gold. I then mixed it with a bag of sand and spread it out on the bottom of the pool. They used strainers (dollar store) for the panning. When they found their gold we put it in a little plastic bag stapled shut. I think a few of them thought they actually had real gold! When asked, the kids said that was the hit of the party!

We used Tatumn's horse (a little on the small side, but served it's purpose)and I made a lasso. I bought a small hula hoop (dollar store) and covered it with rope using hot glue.

Build your own ranch station was a hit too. That cost nothing, although I did pick up some burlap sacks ($1.30 at the local feed store) for them to sit on.

Sack races and Stick pony races were fun too! Again, burlap sacks were bought $1.30 at the local feed store and I picked up a few stick ponies from thrift stores. There are patterns online so you can make your own, I just didn't have the will power for that ;)

The "Shootin' Range" consisted of a toy Turner had. Very neat. It comes with a fake log that you set the cans and bottles on and a gun. It senses somehow when you shoot the gun and pops the bottles off the log. The kids got a kick out of it!

Pinata fun. (boot pinata $12.99 Party City)

Last, but certainly not least, was the "Ole General Store". The kids loved this. I bought little brown sacks and gold coins. When they received their gold coins for playing the games they were able to cash them in at the store for some candy. I used my sister's lemonade cart and I had the jars. It was perfect!

Hope you liked it....we sure did!


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