Thursday, December 22, 2011

Labor Day weekend 2011

Thursday, August 25- Friday August 26, 2011

Labor Day weekend camping trip..........

All our stuff. No, I didn't over pack ;)

We are here, time to explore!

Our living quarters.

Ben, not wanting to set up camp.

The kids start painting.

Artwork on the line!

Cute little butt cheeks!

Time for some tubing. It was awesome, we had the whole lake to ourselves!


Ben enjoys a swim.

Eating his s'more.

Enjoying some s'mores.

Our first fire on the beach.

Beautiful sunset on Lake Pepin.

the boys leave us to do some early morning fishing.

And while they are gone we put together a pirate ship!

We made a very "embellished" sand castle. Thanks to mom never leaving home without some sort of scrapbooking staple!

Pringles, sun, beach, waves, great combo ;)

Ben worked hard all summer to buy himself a new boat motor.

Staying hydrated!

My baby girl!

Turner allowing Ben to circle all his bug bites. When he was finished he had a face full of purple circles!

Sometimes life is just rough, even if you are on the beach!

Enjoying Lake Pepin in the beautiful sunlight!

Even Star is enjoying herself!

The kids and I made our own Pirate's fort, which we didn't get to use because we decided to go home!

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