Thursday, December 22, 2011

American Girl Doll Birthday

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today we celebrated Tatumn's 7th birthday with all her friends. We held it at Caribou Coffee, and all the girls came with their dolls. They each got to pick a beverage to drink. Some got hot chocolate, some got fizzy sodas. Tatumn was surprised when she got there to see her doll, Kit, in a brand new birthday outfit! The girls started out making fleece-tie blankets for each of their dolls and key chains with a picture of them holding their doll. We had stick on earrings for all the girls and their dolls. They thought that was fun to "pierce" their doll's ears! They played bingo and that was a blast. They also made hair accessories and necklaces for their dolls and themselves. We stamped cards and decorated purses all while filling up on frosted cookies, salt water taffy, peanut butter m&ms and more. It was a fun, relaxing day and each of the girls went home with a bag of goodies including Tatumn. She has some great friends!

*For the centerpeice I just saved some American Girl bags and boxes and propped them up in the middle.
*For decorations I used red star balloons from the dollar store. I picked up a pennant flag banner from Target.
*For place settings I used a piece of pink and red scrapbooking paper. I attached a pink hair clip to each piece of paper and put some red, white, and pink striped candy sticks at each spot.
*The bingo cards I cut myself and then drew in the squares with a marker. I stamped each square with a differant image and then put all the stamps I used into a vase. I pulled out a stamp and called off the image and then they marked it off on their sheets. Simple and fun.

Here are a few pictures!

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