Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Tatumn!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's hard to believe that seven years ago today, Tatumn was born. It doesn't seem like that much time has gone by. But of course it has, which only means I'm getting older, right? Well, Tatumn did indeed turn the big 7 this morning, well not actually until noon, but who cares. Last night I stayed up for hours (it felt like) blowing up 30 pink balloons and piling them into her room as she slept. I wanted her to wake up with instant birthday satisfaction! Every time I went in there with an armful of balloons, she would move around and I'd get down real low trying not to be seen, however if she had opened her eyes, I was indeed "hiding" in the middle of her room at the end of her bed with an arm full of pink balloons. Not the sneakiest hiding place. But we survived, she never woke up....until morning.

I had decorated the table, barbie decor, not her favorite, but Walmart wasn't selling Owl decor at 11 p.m. So I got what I could and did what I could with it. It was cute. It was just going to be Tatumn, Turner, and Mara so I bought them each their own mini cake pan. I figured we could each make our own cake and decorate them. Tatumn got to open up a few presents, her favorite being Glee Season 1. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday b-fast she told me, "Root beer and cupcakes!" I said, "NO!" But then as I was walking Walmart I thought, it's her day, if it was my birthday and I wanted something, I would feel the right to get it! So of course we had......cupcakes and root beer for breakfast. I've never felt so crummy after eating breakfast, ugh, to be a kid again. They must have better stomachs than us old people.

Laurie and her girls came over in the afternoon. Laurie needed to assist me on a shopping adventure. NEW LIVING ROOM DECOR! Belen babysat, they actually made the mini cakes together, which is a whole other story! (they were not quite cooked through, literally liquid in the middle, but oh well, they had fun). So Laurie and I went to a few shops down town and managed to drain my bank account, kinda-sorta, and come home with some fun pieces. I was so thrilled to get them all hung up.

Later, my mom and step dad came over to celebrate Tatumn's birthday and my step dad Todd's birthday. We had shredded chicken sandwiches, my favorite, thanks to Laurie! (her recipe, and it's delicious). Then, Todd did the best thing ever, he hung all my new pieces. Honestly, if he didn't do it, Ben would not have, I would have, and we would be looking at some mighty crooked works of art along with a million nail holes. So I was so very grateful! When all was said and done, it looked wonderful. Each time he finished hanging something, we would clap, very loudly. I'm sure this was encouraging him, yeah right! Tatumn also got to open her present from Grandpa and Grandma. A new salon chair for her American Girl doll. Just what she had been begging for.

The night came to an end. We were celebrated, shopped, and decorated out. But mark it in the books, it was a day full of memories!

Terrible photo, I know!

Make your own headbands, awesome!

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