Monday, September 26, 2011

Date Night

Monday, July 25, 2011

I still remember our first date. Ben picked me up and we went to Hastings to eat at Applebees. I ate nothing, looking back, that is so weird. But heaven forbid he thought I was a pig. Boy, that sure went out the window quickly! Thank God! From there we drove all over, him showing me spots where he hunted and so on. It's funny thinking about it, nothing has really changed. If I want to hang out with him, it's usually a quick drive to his hunting spot.

These days it's not too often that we go on "dates". The kids are usually in tow. I think it's important that we get time alone, time when one of us isn't battling a child and then turning on each other for handling it the way the other didn't prefer. Ahh, marital bliss, right?!

So tonight, I asked my Mom if she would watch the kids so we could go out on the river all by ourselves. She agreed and we were excited to do some fishing. We swung in to the bait shop, grabbed some bait and snacks and headed for the boat launch. We didn't go far, but found a nice, quiet spot to sit and fish. We caught a few small ones, nothing to bring home. It was so peaceful, and much needed!

I think it's important to schedule each other into our daily grind, so much running here and there with kids, work, committees, and such that we tend to put each other on the back burner. Tonight was a nice break from everything.

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