Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another person's junk.....my treasure

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A little while back I was garage saling with Laurie and Tiffany. We stopped at a sale that was not all that great. I will admit that I am a sucker at sales, I feel bad leaving with out making a purchase. So here I was, once again, having nothing to buy from this old woman. Then I see this little blue house/shelf. There it laid, decorated with little dolls, personalized mini coffee mugs, teddy bears, and a little lace. It was a gem......not really, actually not at all. But it was .25. I made my big purchase and got back in the car. The girls were amused at the purchase and thought I just wasted a quarter, they obviously didn't see my vision of what it could be.......at that point neither did I! So when we went scrapping at Mari's cabin last week, I took it along, after I had put a fresh coat of white paint on it and removed all the accessories. Tatumn was happy to have some coffee mugs for her barbies! At the cabin I adorned it the way I had envisioned. I made it a home, a home that houses a little family, the Harris family! :) Take a look:


The quote says "Wherever we are together, that is home" I also made a teeny tiny pennant flag banner that says Harris. Pain in the butt, that was! But I was happy the way it turned out. I will admit that I found yet another "house" at the goodwill....couldn't pass it up!

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