Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dirt Party

Friday, August 5, 2011

Today is my niece's 6th birthday party, for kids. She loves to get messy. My sister decided that she would let her get as messy as she wanted without being scolded or told not to do it, on her birthday. My sister, Heidi, planned all sorts of activities for the kids. Throwing pies in each other's faces, body painting with pudding, mashing around in a kiddie pool filled with peaches, apple sauce, silly string, noodles, you name it, and they even had a pie eating contest (whipped cream). Instead of a cake, the kids ate dirt pudding with gummy worms and bugs. It was a success. The kids loved it and talked about it for days! Here are a few pics.

Thank you card 2

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another card I made for my friend. Again, a package of blank cards I got for $1 at Michaels. Added some scrap paper, punched out a few flowers, distressed it all, added some pearls and a saying. Complete in a matter of minutes!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank You Card

Tuesday, August 1, 2011

Working on thank you cards to give to my friend as a gift. She has a baby shower coming up and asked me to make her some. Here is #1.

Started out by using a pre-cut flower card (Michaels, pack of 8 for $1, with envelopes), brown ink, paint brush, pearls, and scrap paper.

I used my ink and paint brush to distress the outside of the card. I then took my scrap paper and cut a circle to fit in the front of the card. I attached that and went on to cut 3 flowers from the back side of the paper (white, front was floral pattern) and distressed them, curling and bending up the edges as I went along. I then cut out 2 green petals, added a circle to the flower and 3 pearls.

Last, I stamped my saying "Ever Grateful" on a piece of paper, distressed it and glued it down. Here is the finished product. Very simple!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Registering

Sunday July 31, 2011

I was super excited for today. I got to tag along with my friend Jamie as she registered for baby items. We went to Rochester and hit up Target and Babies R Us. We had fun. I was wishing I was the one registering, stuff is so super cute these days. We grabbed a little lunch at Applebees and headed home. Now we wait for the shower. I can't wait to see what she gets!

Hunt for Greens!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The other day while out shopping for living room decor, a gal at one of the stores told us we could go find flowers and greens outside, spray them with hairspray, and they would hold their shape and be used for decoration. Well, this sounded cool. So I attempted it. However, everything that I wanted to pick, my stepdad said no way, my allergies would be horrific. So I ended up with some really cool looking items in my bucket and the kids got to toodle around on the four wheelers with us. I sprayed the bejeezers out of my "weeds" and hoped for the best. Obviously I did something wrong or this just doesn't work, within hours a few were so wilted I tossed them. The next day, they all were. I tried! It was still fun, hunting them down.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun In the Sun

Friday, July 29, 2011

Heading out to our special tubing spot.

Tatumn is up first!

I love watching their little faces!

Turner's turn.

He loves the hand signals, but it is rarely this one, speed up!

This cracks me up, where is Turner?

He looks nice and relaxed!

Mara's First time tubing.

Looks like she is having fun!

Swim Time.

Daddy enjoys throwing the kids over board, and surprisingly, they enjoy it too.

Jumping off the side of the boat.

They pretended they were dolphins on the side of the boat and I had to feed them Swedish fish, silly girls!

Dad joins the kids.

The kids are trying to pull him in with the tow rope, they were successful too!

One last spin, all three of them!

All tired out and hungry for a snack.

Headed in.

Turner's treat and Mommy's treat! :)