Monday, August 8, 2011

Train Trip

Tuesday June 28, 2011

Today is the big day! Hunter's 4 year old preschool is taking a train to Winona. From there we will board a bus and head to Lark Toys! Heidi had asked me to go with Hunter since she is still recovering from surgery. I was excited to go along with him, it was my first time on a train as well!

Here we are, we made it to the station!

Patiently waiting for that train to come!

This is what happens when you bring your aunty who is also a photoaholic with you on field trips. Pose, I promise it's the last one!

It's on it's way!

Here we are, ALL ABOARD! Super cool!

We made it to Winona.

We finished our picnic lunch outside of Lark Toys and the boys couldn't wait to get inside!

Enjoying our ice cream cones!

Checking out the llamas.

Finally, our turn on the carousal!

How fitting for the day!

Couldn't leave without this photo opportunity!

Hunter got legos and a bag full of candy!

Hunter and his teachers he will greatly miss as heads off to kindergarten this year!

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