Monday, August 8, 2011

Nifty tricks

Wednesday June 29, 2011

I have a mess of ideas and notes, magazine clippings, articles, etc. that are crammed into my special notebook. Things I want to remember or found fascinating. As I was trying to go through this mess and remember what I all had in there I came across a few fun tricks, to help you clean better, stay organized, etc. Thought I would share them!

1. How to get the smell out of those nasty dish rags: wash them in the hottest water possible for the fabric with 1 or 2 cups (depending on the size of your washer) of sudsy ammonia. Do not use detergent. Rinse twice, dry on low to medium heat. I'll have to try this being that I'm kind of getting sick of just throwing them out!

2. Misplaced earrings? Stick them through a spare button, you'll always have 2 and they will be easy to find, especially if you use the big, colorful, scrap booking buttons! ;)

3. Bananas: you need to break them apart when you get them home. They rot together, so when one is getting brown, the rest follow suit. I never knew this!

4. When kids are being potty trained, night time accidents can be quite frequent. One mom shared how she would layer a sheet, mattress top protector, sheet, mattress top protector....that way when the kid had an accident in the middle of the night, she was ready to go with another layer and didn't need to remake the bed. Huh, I wish I had known this earlier, pretty smart.

5. Fruit about to go bad.....slice them up, put them on a baking sheet, let them sit in the freezer for a bit until they harden, toss in a freezer bag and you have the fixings for a smoothie at a later date!

6. I know they make cute ones but if you don't care and you are one who loses your keys in your purse, attach a binder clip to your purse strap. You'll always have a place to clip your keys to.

7. The next time your kids want you to build them a "blanket fort" use binder clips to help keep the blankets attached to other items. This works wonderful. I've even used chip clips!

8. keep a stash of blank circle labels in your kitchen. Next time you bring home a spice, write the date on the label and stick it on the bottom of the shaker.

9. Don't buy fabric sheets. Instead, dampen an old sock with diluted liquid fabric softener, squeeze it out, and toss in the dryer with each load.

10. In a hurry, bring dinner to the table in tupperware. When you are done eating, you can snap on a lid and toss in the fridge!

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