Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Hunter

Sunday June 26, 2011

Since Heidi just had surgery, she is still recovering and slow moving, we celebrated Hunter's birthday at my mom's house with the kids. Heidi made them all goody bags which consisted of a bunch of pirate accessories, that they LOVED! I didn't know what to get Hunter this year, everything he asked for he was getting already. So since they were leaving for the camper, a 5 hour drive, I made up a big basket filled with all sorts of goodies for the camper and car ride up. I also went on and printed off a ton of activity pages and coloring sheets, punched 3 holes in them, stuck them in a binder, added a new folder for his finished pages, a new notebook, and a pencil pouch with new crayons. I printed up a little "title page" for the front of his binder that read, "Hunter's Travel Binder Filled With Fun Things To Do!" Of course, I didn't want there to be fighting, so I made one up for Laci. It's the perfect thing for a car ride and to contain a few fun things for them to do. They even have car bingo on It's really cool, if your kids are ever bored, hit it up! They will be entertained for hours!

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