Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye our little feathered friends!

Sunday July 3, 2011

The other day I was washing dishes and suddenly heard a sad attempt at a rooster crow. I shut the water off and listened some more. There it was again! I flew outside and there was our little rooster, Hop, trying to crow! I was so excited, yet very scared. I couldn't have a rooster crowing in TOWN!

I convinced Ben that they needed to move! He was not easily persuaded which meant I had to wait until today, while he was working out of town, to make the move myself.

It was very sad. My step dad and I took them to the farm next door to my parents. Farmer Joe only has 1 rooster and 1 chicken, so I didn't think it could be that bad. Even though I have heard all the terrible things about mixing chickens from different batches, and the "pecking order" was then explained to me. So sad!

Well we got there and I had Hop and Rooster in our dog's portable kennel. I took it out, set it on the ground and tried to get them to come out. They were not budging, they seen their fate (pretty sure). So finally, my loving step father, took the kennel and shook it upside down until they kerplunked out onto the ground. I was disturbed. They ran right into the chicken coop and tried to hide.

I said my goodbyes as did the kids and we headed back to my mom's house. A few hours later I wanted to go check on the little buggers because I was worried about them. Sure enough, Hop (our rooster) was no where to be found. Easter was there, holding down the fort, but no Hop. I felt like I had lost a child! Honestly, it was so sad! I just knew something had happened to him. That dang rooster probably did something awful to my little Hop!

We never did see Hop again. And trust me, we checked frequently. I'd call out to my mom's and beg her to go over and check. Finally, I believe they started lying to me, telling me that yes, they checked and no there was no Hop. Everyone was "sure" that Hop was alive and well. Really? Like where? At the local Rooster Inn down the way? Ugh, I didn't think I'd get over loosing my little rooster and felt totally at fault for throwing him into a death sentence.

Needless to say, we won't be raising anymore chickens. It's too hard on this girl to get rid of them and lord knows what my neighbors would do if they were waken each morning to a loud COCKADOODLEDOO!

Rest In Peace Hoppers aka Fluffy!

The girls visiting Lucky's grave site. Our other chicken who didn't make it past day 1.

Hop and Easter's new home, well at least Easter's!

The last I seen of Hop, his little butt, trying to hide! He seen his fate! Poor thing!

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