Monday, July 18, 2011

Park Hoppin

Thursday June 9, 2011

I took the kids "park hopping" today. We started out around 9:30 a.m. and went to A.P. Anderson park. They swung, crawled around on the jungle gym and went down the "big" slide a million times. We stayed there for quite some time, long enough, that when we left we had to pick up lunch. We hit up McDonald's and brought it down to our next park, Baypoint. There they ate lunch, rather quickly, because what kid wants to eat when they can play?! They made some new friends and played. Off to the next park, Colvill. This is the "best park", due to it's size and the fact that it has 4 playgrounds. The kids always have a blast there! When we left, I was ready to head home but they begged for one last park, their old school, Sunnyside. I decided to swing into my sister's house, grab her kiddos and we walked down to the park from there. They hit a few balls, again played on the playground, and stared at the kids who were at daycare at their old school! A tinge of jealousy in their eyes, haha! Honestly, I think I could have left them there and they would have loved it! Finally, tempers started to flare, the heat was getting to them, and we were in need of a restroom. We headed out, not without some tears. We got home about 4, it was a long day!!! But the kids thought it was awesome. They will sleep well tonight!

Of course I forgot my camera, so I snapped a pic of them at our first park, thankfully, before my phone died!

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