Sunday, July 31, 2011

My sister's surgery

Wednesday June 15, 2011

Today was the big day. Heidi was undergoing yet another surgery. Heidi is my oldest sister and has a disease called Tuberous Sclerosis. It is a rare genetic disease that causes benign tumors to grow on the brain and other vital organs, such as the heart, kidneys, eyes, nose & skin. Unfortunately for Heidi, she has them on her brain and kidneys. She has already undergone a surgery to remove a tumor off her kidneys. The same surgery will happen again today due to the growth of a tumor.

Heidi is hopeful, from what the doctor has said, this surgery should not be like her last. Last time, her incision ruptured and she started to bleed internally. Her incision from the last surgery stretches across half of her body. This time, the doctor told her, it will be a much smaller incision.

My mom and her husband John are down at Methodist Hospital with her and I am home taking care of the kids, hers and mine.

Praying all goes well.

After many of hours waiting to hear, we finally got a call that she was out of surgery. All went well, the doctor said he had to take less than 1% of her kidney this time and was able to "burn off" a few more tumors to prevent them from growing as well.

Heidi is in recovery and will hopefully be home within 5 days.

Until then, the kids and I have some big plans. Next week the boys go to their first week of camp!

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