Monday, June 6, 2011

Picnic at the Park

Monday May 23, 2011

Daddy went to work in the cities tonight so we joined the Linder crew for supper at the park. We packed ourselves a supper and cruised down to Colvill Park. The kids ate and ran off to play. Heidi and I were visiting when a cute little boy approached me and showed me some bug bites on his neck, he told me he got bit by a vampire. I let him know that this was very impressive information. He also had a bug cage around his neck and very soon our kids became good friends with him. His bug cage was filled with worms! The kids chased each other around with them and thought it was the best thing ever. Laci was shoving them down her shirt, I heard one of them say they were going to kiss them, I had to put my foot down there, ish! I have a quote hanging up in my scrap room that says "Along with milk and vegetables, kids need a steady diet of rocks and worms." I concur!

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