Monday, June 6, 2011

June Book Club!

Friday May 27, 2011

Tonight I hosted book club at my house. Ben is gone out of town camping with his buddies so it was the perfect opportunity to have the girls over for dinner and drinks, oh and a book discussion, can't forget that. I grilled burgers for them and we ate, had some cocktails and probably discussed the book for about 2 minutes total. Most of the night we spent enjoying adult beverages and talking about all things not related to our book. My kids were thrilled to be at Mom's book club party and about sleeping in the living room. Oh the excitement! The next day they told my mom, "Grandma, mom and her friends only talked about the book for a little bit and then they talked about other stuff." Yes, that is how it went. But who'd have it any other way? I have to admit I had picked a boring book to discuss that month. Onto another month. Can't wait to read, Heaven Is For Real!

This is what vodka does to people. Oh boy.

3 of the girls from the book club. Jamie, Tara, and Corey. Missing Lisa and I.

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