Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Day

Sunday May 29, 2011

Since we didn't do anything fun, such as go camping, this Memorial Weekend we took today to spend some quality time together and have fun with the kids. We started the day off by making smores for breakfast. Yup, we built a fire and roasted marshmallows and enjoyed a few smores at 9 a.m. Ben was busy weed whipping so we figured what the heck, why not. The kids loved it!

Working hard on cleaning up the backyard.

Helping Daddy out.

He even brought me flowers!

The breakfast of the champions!

Enjoying their smores!

After we had our morning treat we thought we better get a little exercise in. A bike ride it was! We loaded up our gear and headed to the trail. We rode it down to the bowling alley to bowl a game. The kids were so happy. Tatumn even said, "This day has turned out to be so much fun!" See it's the little things!

Riding bikes was so much fun!

Bowling at Nybos.

This is their way of trying to get the ball to go to one side!

The rest of the day was leisurely spent at home. Tatumn worked hard on writing Happy Memorial Day with chalk on the sidewalk.

Family time seems hard to come by at this house. Work and activities prevent us from all being together normally. It was great to take advantage of this day and do something fun. It didn't break the bank, we didn't listen to whining all day, we simply enjoyed our day with everyday activities!

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