Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coupon Binder

Thursday May 26, 2011

Since starting my coupon addiction I have put together a binder. Yes, it's a little embarrassing, but if it saves me money it's gotta be worth it, right?! I had bought a few binders at a garage sale for .25 each so I was excited to put them to use. I ripped out all Turner's baseball cards from his protector sheets and put the sheets in my binder, filled them up with coupons and then labeled the sections; medicine, dental, feminine hygiene, deoderant, shave & body wash, lotion, sunblock/bug spray, face wash, cosmetics, nails, hair, kitchen drawer items, laundry, air freshener/candles, cleaning, paper products, beverages, dairy, cereal, crackers & chips, snacks, meat, pantry items, baking, condiments, freezer, deli, candy, office, baby products, misc. I put them in order in which I walk through a store. That way I don't spend hours flipping through the binder looking for a coupon. It may seem a little obsessive to some of you, most of you probably, but when I went to Target with my list of coupons, matched up with sale items and Target coupons, I saved $53.86. I don't think that is embarrassing, I think it's a new addiction. How much can I save?! You try it! Good Luck!


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