Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Party Hoppin Sunday

Sunday May 15, 2011

Today we were busy! We celebrated our last day of Sunday school. All the kids sang in church and after we had an ice cream social.

Onto the next celebration. A baby shower for some friends of ours. We had brunch, the kids played outside, and we watched present opening. We weren't able to stay long because we had one last party to hit.

Lots of Pregnant ladies!


Tayven's 5th birthday was fishing themed. I wish I had gotten more pictures but I was too busy shoving my face full and talking! :) It was cute. His mom had hung streamers and balloons to look like seaweed and bubbles. The kids played the fishing game, where they put their fishing pole over a sheet and when they get a bite, reel it back over, and wah lah, a prize! They also got to take home gold fish! We had 5 fish join us at our house. The kids had a blast.

We then had to hurry home because my niece Zoe was coming over for a slumber party. The kids played dress up, had ice cream yet again, and all snuggled up together!

It was a day of running here and there, but also one filled with memories!

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