Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our take on Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzards

Thursday May 5th, 2011

We love DQ at this house, but schedules and budgets don't always allow us to make it there. Now we have our own way of treating ourselves to those delicious chocolate chip cookie dough blizzards, without breaking the bank or leaving home! I whipped up some cookie dough (packaged, for $1), added chocolate chips ($2.50, the amount you put in your dough, doesn't make a dent in the bag) & refrigerated the dough overnight. When it was time for ice cream, I pulled out the cookie dough, rolled little balls and added them to the bowl of vanilla ice cream ($5 for a huge bucket). The kids think they taste just as good as DQ, so do I. We get our blizzard fix for all 4 of us at a mere $8.50 or so with enough left over to make many more! I like saving money, even if I have to use my own time to make them!

It's so good you will want to lick your fingers!

And possibly cry if you spill a little! ;)

Our home-made cookie dough blizzards!

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