Friday, May 20, 2011

John Deere Birthday

Saturday May 14, 2011

Today is the big day! Turner's first friends only party. He turned 4 back on May 1st, but this weekend was the first available for us to do it. He invited 6 friends, all boys, no girls allowed this year. They all came and had a blast. It was rainy and ishy out but they didn't seem to mind. They drove tractors and dump trucks through the dirt and gravel, climbed all over the "real" tractor, played pin the wheel on the tractor, decorated tractor cookies, visited a farm where they got peacock feathers, farm fresh eggs, fed animals and watched goats swing, faint and hop in my car! :) They also planted sunflower seeds, opened presents, and rode bikes. They were busy boys and keeping up with them is crazy! Although, I will say, it was like pulling teeth to get them to do anything besides play outside in the cold rainy weather. Oh well, at least they were having fun!

I used this picture for his invite, on the inside, I stamped a tractor and wrote out the details.

I used a drop cloth to make the pennant flags and table clothes.

These were the party favors.
I stamped watering cans stuffed with a shovel and hoe and tied with matching ribbon.

I wrapped paper around bubble bottles and stamped them.

For snacks we had oreos (spare tires), chocolate milk straws & milk, peanut butter sandwiches (I wrapped in brown bags I had cut and stamped), cow tails & chick crackers.


We used tractors to decorate the tables and as centerpieces. The boys were each sent home with a mini John Deere tractor. I tied a tag on them that said, "Thanks for coming."

To help guide the way, we used the kid's chalkboard.

Turner and his big cousin Hunter playing on Grandpa's tractor. Grandpa needs a GREEN tractor!

Each boy planted sunflower seeds in little pots I stamped with tractors.

The boys decorated "tractor cookies" (which looked nothing like tractors)that I made with a tractor cookie cutter. I had purchased the little tin buckets at a garage sale, brand new, for .25 each and I filled them with chocolate chips, sprinkles and mini marshmallows for them to put on their frosted cookies.

Their favorite thing all day, I think, was just playing on the tractor and in the gravel with the tractors.

The boys went on an egg hunt. I hid yellow Easter eggs along the hill and gave them each half an egg carton. When they each had 6 eggs in their carton, we sat down and opened their eggs. Whoever had a baby chick (a piece of paper stamped with a chicken) got a prize.

They played Pin the Wheel on the Tractor. Yes, I drew that tractor, my drawing skills are not that great!

Planting sunflower seeds was a hit as well.

The boys thought the goats were pretty cool. They are "fainting goats", when startled they will faint. The boys actually got to see this happen! They fed the goats raisins and the little black one even hopped in my car and tried to go home with us!

They even learned a little bit about the greenery and how large some of the plants get.

The rooster ran like heck when we entered the coop!

They were happy to find fresh laid eggs. And we got to take a bunch home!

They had 76 baby chicks, this was not all of them. They were so cute!

They got to pet a horse named Bubba as well as 2 of Bubba's friends. However, Bubba is 28 (very old for a horse) and very gentle so they got to pet him.

The neighbors also have peacocks but they are scared of people so they ran the moment they caught sight of us! I don't blame them! But the boys did get to bring peacock feathers home with them! That was a hit as well.

Regardless of the ishy weather, I think Turner's 4th Birthday was a success and one we will remember forever!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

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