Friday, May 20, 2011

Father's Day is Approaching!

Thursday May 12, 2011

Father's Day is upon us and here are a few fun craft ideas for you and your kiddos to whip up for Dad!

I just think this is the cutest way to serve up some tickets to his favorite game!

Have the kids help make a chex mix/snack mix and fill a plain white bucket with it. Label it Nuts & Bolts Mix!

Take a plain frame and decorate it with some nuts.

Maybe he's a morning guy. Fill a box with shredded newspaper, add the morning paper, some coffee, a new mug & make him b-fast!

This is cute for the guy with a cabin or just an avid fisherman. Hang bobbers and leaders and other fishing tackle from the edge of a lamp shade. So crafty!

Give him the essentials he loves. Whether it's peanuts, jerky, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, pickled things, etc. Make them personalized with cute little tags and paper toppers.

Have the kids decorate plain large address labels with some artwork and attach them to ketchup & mustard bottles. Leave them empty for BBQ time or fill them with Dad's favorite sauces.

Let the kids decorate an apron for Dad, if he's a cook ;)

Give him a variety of candy with the following sayings typed up on a cute little tag.
"Because you make us roll with laughter"
"Because you're the jolliest, sweetest Dad"
"Because you're an all-American classic"
"Because you work so hard for all of us"
"Because we love you More & More each day"

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