Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Friday April 8, 2011

Aahhh, finally the nice weather has arrived. Spring is my absolute favorite time of year! Living in Minnesota makes you appreciate it even more. The kids come home from school and hop right on the bikes and scooters. I have had to bring snack outside for the last how many days! Which works for me, less of a mess in the kitchen. :)

Enjoying a bowl of ice cream because they were so HOT!!! Seriously, Minnesotans, it gets to be 30 degrees and we are in shorts! ;)

Springtime also brings Easter! I'm not a huge fan of decorating for holidays other than Christmas. But the kids love it and if I don't do something, they persuade my mom and sisters to let them take home their decorations. So I used my scrap booking supplies to add a few Eastery items to our home.

I buy little stacks of journal cards for different holidays and in there they usually have a few cards with quotes on them. So I just ripped out a few Easter ones and stuck them in frames around the house. You can find cute stuff online to print out as well or even a greeting card works. Instant Decoration!

Then I used George Font on my cricut to cut out little flowers. The kids and I found a bunch of sticks and I stuck them in my vase and then poked the flowers on the sticks. It adds a nice springy feel to my dining room. And it was FREE! Gotta get creative sometimes!

This is my worst nightmare, landscaping, potting plants, growing anything. Although it interests me dearly, it scares me to death...why....becuase it usually results in death....death of the plants! I however, decided this year I would give it a try. I went to Menards, asked for help, which is key, normally I don't. The lovely lady told me what to get and then exactly what to do with it, therefore, if they die, we can blame her! ;) Turner and I got home, drilled our holes in our planters, ripped open the potting soil, and sunk in our hands. It was fun and so far they are going on day 3 and are still alive. Pretty good for being under this not so green thumb!

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