Monday, April 25, 2011


Tuesday April 19, 2011

Again today I was reminded of The Happiness Project. It was cold, snowy, ishy, (yes it is April) and the kids still wanted to go outside. Really? The last thing I wanted to do was dig out the snow pants and gear yet again. Especially since I had just washed every hat, mitten and scarf we owned so I could pack them away for the winter. But none of this mattered to Turner. He was going outside! So grudgingly I put on his snow pants making sure to do the trick (putting his pants over his boots, about the only thing that truly makes the child upset) and sent him outside. His dad had told him the day before that if he wanted to be a big helper he would go on the hill and toss down the trees that had been cut up. That's exactly what he did. He and Marcus were sliding down the hill trying to keep their footing as they ATTEMPTED to toss down branches. It wasn't working in their favor so before long they were riding trikes.

As I watched them play I was thinking, I almost made them stay inside because I didn't want to take the 5 minutes to get them ready to go out. Looking at them having so much fun I realized that reading this book was very good for me and even better for them! ;) I've been trying to watch my "no's" lately and really think about why I'm saying "No". After all I remember when I wasn't such a baby when it came to the weather and my mom would have to beg us to come in from sliding and playing in the freezing cold weather. They only have one childhood and I want them to have as many great memories as I had, even if that means I have to wash the hats and mittens again! ;)

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