Tuesday, April 26, 2011



The kids were ecstatic to find out today was none other than KIDS DAY! It was something on my 365 list and I thought I better get it done with! ;) Actually, since there was no school today and Ben had the day off, it worked out perfect. I told the kids that whatever they wanted (within reason) to do, eat, wherever they wanted to go, etc. we would do!

The kids woke up and kindly reminded me that it was kids day. I grudgingly told them that yes I remembered. First thing first, breakfast. Turner wanted oatmeal but Tatumn wanted bagels. To the store we went! Actually Kwik Trip, it was the cheapest meal I've ever bought the kids, $4.44. Milk, bagels & a Mountain Dew for me, yes I know it was morning, but I knew I would need it!

When asked what they wanted to do next, Turner said, "Let's go to the park and see how high the water is." Wow, if he's not his father's son. That's his idea of fun? Well, who am I to say no, so off we went. We all got out at Baypoint and the kids chased some coot and we all checked out the river and all the debris laying around the park. It was COLD and RAINY!

Next, off to see the baby chicks at Runnings. The kids were excited to SEE the baby chicks, little did they know they would BRING THEM HOME! Not sure what was going on with Ben, but he came up with the idea to bring the little buggers home. $50 later we left with 3 baby chicks, cutest little things ever!

We came home, got their new home all set up in the basement with a heating lamp to keep them warm, food and water and fresh bedding. The kids decorated the container they live in with animal stickers and spelled out the chicks names on the box, Lucky, Easter, & Hop.

Once the effect of having chickens in the house wore off, they wanted to play Monopoly. A quick lived game of Monopoly occurred, they got bored fast, especially when all you could hear was little chirps coming from the basement. Back downstairs they went. After they were bored with that they asked to do a project. So we made a bunny out of paper plates and colored for awhile. It was fun to sit and actually take the time to do these things with them.

For lunch, of course, McDonalds. The kids played for awhile after they ate and then we decided that we needed a movie to watch later, oh and an Easter egg hunt. GREAT, why not, oh lord! So we headed to Target where I needed to buy a DVD player (ours had bit the dust) so we could actually watch the movie and also eggs and candy to put in them.

We came home with goodies. The kids stayed in Tatumn's room while I filled eggs and hid them around the house. (still raining out) They each had 16 eggs to find. They were so excited to search for their eggs, I think we should have an egg hunt every week, along with a pinata! Once all the eggs were found the candy had to be eaten. How can I say no when it's KIDS DAY.

I had asked them at Target what they wanted for supper and they couldn't decide between chicken nugget t.v. dinners (they just ate nuggets for lunch, but whatever) and frozen pizza. So we bought both and yes, I made them both! They ate supper and then we went to Grandma Linda's for popcorn and to visit Aunty Heidi because she was there resting after her surgery.

Before we left, we checked on the chicks and noticed that Lucky wasn't looking so good. I was glad we were leaving because the girls were very concerned with Lucky. I told Ben to go to the store and buy a new one and switch them out while we were gone, but the store was closed. Bummer. Well we headed out and stopped at Taz's (my sister's dog) grave site. The kids hadn't seen it yet. They got out, checked it out and we decided that if Lucky didn't make it, we would bury him next to Tazy Boy. They decided to walk up the drive way so I followed behind them honking away, in which they ran screaming and laughing all the way to the house.

We visited with my mom and sisters. Had popcorn, the kids played and we decided we better head out, it was almost 9 p.m. I knew it might not be a good when we got home if the chick was dead.

When we got home we went downstairs and Lucky was definitely not going to survive much longer. It was so sad. Tatumn cried and cried. I finally ushered them upstairs where I got them tucked in, not with out a fit though, because you see, we still had the movie to watch. I was going to let them, but Ben said no, time for bed, kids day was over. It was probably a good thing, we no more than got them settled down and tucked in that we went to check on Lucky. Poor Lucky was dead. Ben took him out in the garage and put him in his old Oakley sun glass case. Seriously, I couldn't help but laugh at that. But it was sad, especially seeing Tatumn's reaction. Even though we had explained when we bought them that sometimes baby chicks are like gold fish, they don't always live long.

All in all the kids had a great day. I mean, how many of us can say that we got baby chicks, had Easter egg hunts not on Easter, ate candy before supper, and had our parents cater to us for an entire day? It actually wasn't as bad as I had imagined, no one asked to leave town, spend hundreds of dollars, or even eat out every meal. It's definitely something we should do at least once a month, or maybe once every 2 months ;)

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