Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Monday April 4, 2011

We found this cute little idea in Tatumn's American Girl Magazine. They had done theirs with colored vanilla wafers but I couldn't find them. So we used regular vanilla wafers, scooped mini scoops of ice cream between the two and rolled the edges in sprinkles. I will warn you that you need to be fast since they melt quickly. It's also nice to use your finger to flatten the edges and then to dab them in the sprinkles or else the sprinkles smear. The kids loved them and I didn't mind a few myself ;)

Here are the grapesicles I had posted in a previous blog. They were a HIT! I'm serious, the kids each ate 3 and were begging for more but I was out. I just pushed them onto bbq skewers and threw them in the freezer for a few hours. So easy and it's nice that it's actually a healthy snack. I dipped mine in fruit dip, but the kids just ate theirs plain.

HAHA! These make me laugh. These are APPLE SMILES, I seen them online and had to make them. Mine were made in a hurry as 3 kiddos were hovering over me, rushing me! But I still think they are cute, they just need a little dental work. All you do is slice an apple into wedges, spread peanut butter on each apple and put mini marshmallows in between, the peanut butter will keep them together. It was a mess to make, but the kids thought they were funny!

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