Monday, April 18, 2011

Ayva Baby

Sunday April 17,2011

Wow, it is amazing the time I didn't have to waste over the last few days. I forgot quickly what it's like having a little one in the house. Obviously if I had a baby I wouldn't be blogging, scrapping, crafting, or washing my dishes!

I give all moms of young kids lots of credit for the work it entails. I was there once but have no "true" memory of being sleep deprived and living a life solely revolved around an infant.

I definitely enjoyed my time with Ayva this last week. Her and I got some bonding time in, even a girls day of shopping and she was such a good girl.

Ben and I both agreed that we are content with our 2 growing kids. Even though last week I was thinking how fun it would be to have a baby again! Thanks Tara for sharing Ayva with me so I don't have to have my own.

After all it is fun to be able to spoil them, smooch on them and then give them back to mommy.

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