Friday, April 15, 2011

Ayva Baby

Wednesday April 13, 2011

We are very excited to be watching our friend's 6 month old daughter for a few days while they go on a fishing weekend. Ayva is our friends Brock and Tara's little girl. She is such a cutie. When Tara said they were thinking about going fishing with their group of friends, she was a little hesitant because she has Ayva to worry about. I volunteered right away to have her. I have been having "baby thoughts" and figured this would be a good fix!

They brought her over tonight along with 90% of her belongings! We took over Turner's room and put away her stuff as if she was moving in. Her mommy and daddy stayed for awhile and said their goodbyes.

We had a rough start to our weekend, but I'm sure she was tired and wondered where her mommy was. We ended up snuggling on the living room floor all night. That's where she fell asleep so I didn't want to move her.

Both Ben and I agreed that we have forgotten how much it entails to have little ones in the house! It's fun to be able to smooch them, watch them even for a few days but to also know that a sound sleep and a get up and go lifestyle lies ahead.

Thanks Tara and Brock for sharing Ayva. We love her lots!! The kids really think she is cool and I've heard several times while Ayva has been here from Tatumn, "Mom, I want a sister!" Sorry kiddo, thank goodness for Ayva! She can be your temporary sister!

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