Thursday, April 28, 2011

Card Making

Wednesday April 27, 2011

Last week we had our card club and I didn't get a chance to post the cute cards we made, the ones I received, or the ones I made to give away. Here they are:

These are the ones I made.

These are the few we made together.

The other girls made the following:

Jello Mixers

Tuesday April 26, 2011

Since the kids loved the Blue Crush so much yesterday, we made another drink. Jello Mixers. Very easy!

1 pkg of any flavor Jello gelatin dessert
4 c. milk
1 c. ice cream
whipped cream

In a blender mix the Jello mix, milk & ice cream. I poured mine over ice cream and added whipped cream. We used strawberry Jello, it tasted just like a strawberry shake. I think it would be cool to try some other flavors too. Happy Snacking!


Blue Crush

Monday April 25, 2011

No school today! The kids lived outside. They rode bikes, trikes, and scooters. They colored with side walk chalk. They planted acorns on the hill. They dug for worms, finding 2, and saving them in a mason jar! They were dirt, head to toe, but happy as clams! I figured I would make them a fun treat.

It's a cool beverage called BLUE CRUSH. This is how you make them:

Take a Hawaiian punch Koolaid juice box, mix with ice cubes until it's the consistency of a slushy. Pour a little in a glass, add a Swedish fish or two to make it look as if they are swimming, add the rest of the koolaid mix. On top of that, put a scoop of vanilla ice cream and top that off with whipped cream and a few more fish. They looked pretty cool and the kids were thrilled. They are a must for summertime, super fun and easy.

Hoppy Easter!

Sunday April 24, 2011

Wow, it was an early morning at our house! It's pretty sad to have to tell your kiddo to go back to bed on Easter morning, but 4 a.m., come on! Thankfully she went back to bed until 6. Once she found her basket she had to go wake up the little guy. He found his basket and together they dug in. I LOVE watching their eyes light up when looking at all their goodies, although I must say it's starting to feel a little like Xmas!

After baskets we put on our Easter Best and headed to church. We were excited to have friends of ours join us this year! The kids couldn't wait for church to be over so they could go out to Grandma's house for Easter. It was a delicious lunch, I wish my mom could cook for us everyday, it always tastes better when she makes it. Last year, Heidi did an Easter egg hunt for the kids, but since she was laid up due to surgery, Tiff and I did one. We hid 28 eggs for each kid. That is a total of......140 eggs (missing Zoe this year). Not sure who had more fun, me or the kids! Minor injury, Hunter got stung by a bee. Better than when I was a kid when 1 kid usually ended up with a ball to the face and stitches!

The kids dug into their baskets from Grandma & Grandpa and then we had to attend Lucky the chick's funeral. As we all walked down the driveway to the burial site (while we were finding eggs, Ben dug a hole next to Tazy boy's grave) we had to chuckle. My sister pointed out that I was dressed in all black, dress & all, I figured I should have purchased a little veil! ;) Hey, if we are going to bury a chick, we had better do it in style. I mean the little guy was going down in an Oakley case for crying out loud! We said our little prayers, Tatumn laid some flowers on the grave and we said our goodbyes to Lucky.

The kids hopped on 4 wheelers and took a few rides to the creek and back. When it was time to go, of course there were melt downs, but they were short lived.

I think, even with a funeral, it was an EXCELLENT Easter! Hope yours was too!


Scrappy Saturday

Saturday April 23, 2011

Another scrapping day for me! This is what I accomplished. Not much, but better than most Saturdays!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011



The kids were ecstatic to find out today was none other than KIDS DAY! It was something on my 365 list and I thought I better get it done with! ;) Actually, since there was no school today and Ben had the day off, it worked out perfect. I told the kids that whatever they wanted (within reason) to do, eat, wherever they wanted to go, etc. we would do!

The kids woke up and kindly reminded me that it was kids day. I grudgingly told them that yes I remembered. First thing first, breakfast. Turner wanted oatmeal but Tatumn wanted bagels. To the store we went! Actually Kwik Trip, it was the cheapest meal I've ever bought the kids, $4.44. Milk, bagels & a Mountain Dew for me, yes I know it was morning, but I knew I would need it!

When asked what they wanted to do next, Turner said, "Let's go to the park and see how high the water is." Wow, if he's not his father's son. That's his idea of fun? Well, who am I to say no, so off we went. We all got out at Baypoint and the kids chased some coot and we all checked out the river and all the debris laying around the park. It was COLD and RAINY!

Next, off to see the baby chicks at Runnings. The kids were excited to SEE the baby chicks, little did they know they would BRING THEM HOME! Not sure what was going on with Ben, but he came up with the idea to bring the little buggers home. $50 later we left with 3 baby chicks, cutest little things ever!

We came home, got their new home all set up in the basement with a heating lamp to keep them warm, food and water and fresh bedding. The kids decorated the container they live in with animal stickers and spelled out the chicks names on the box, Lucky, Easter, & Hop.

Once the effect of having chickens in the house wore off, they wanted to play Monopoly. A quick lived game of Monopoly occurred, they got bored fast, especially when all you could hear was little chirps coming from the basement. Back downstairs they went. After they were bored with that they asked to do a project. So we made a bunny out of paper plates and colored for awhile. It was fun to sit and actually take the time to do these things with them.

For lunch, of course, McDonalds. The kids played for awhile after they ate and then we decided that we needed a movie to watch later, oh and an Easter egg hunt. GREAT, why not, oh lord! So we headed to Target where I needed to buy a DVD player (ours had bit the dust) so we could actually watch the movie and also eggs and candy to put in them.

We came home with goodies. The kids stayed in Tatumn's room while I filled eggs and hid them around the house. (still raining out) They each had 16 eggs to find. They were so excited to search for their eggs, I think we should have an egg hunt every week, along with a pinata! Once all the eggs were found the candy had to be eaten. How can I say no when it's KIDS DAY.

I had asked them at Target what they wanted for supper and they couldn't decide between chicken nugget t.v. dinners (they just ate nuggets for lunch, but whatever) and frozen pizza. So we bought both and yes, I made them both! They ate supper and then we went to Grandma Linda's for popcorn and to visit Aunty Heidi because she was there resting after her surgery.

Before we left, we checked on the chicks and noticed that Lucky wasn't looking so good. I was glad we were leaving because the girls were very concerned with Lucky. I told Ben to go to the store and buy a new one and switch them out while we were gone, but the store was closed. Bummer. Well we headed out and stopped at Taz's (my sister's dog) grave site. The kids hadn't seen it yet. They got out, checked it out and we decided that if Lucky didn't make it, we would bury him next to Tazy Boy. They decided to walk up the drive way so I followed behind them honking away, in which they ran screaming and laughing all the way to the house.

We visited with my mom and sisters. Had popcorn, the kids played and we decided we better head out, it was almost 9 p.m. I knew it might not be a good when we got home if the chick was dead.

When we got home we went downstairs and Lucky was definitely not going to survive much longer. It was so sad. Tatumn cried and cried. I finally ushered them upstairs where I got them tucked in, not with out a fit though, because you see, we still had the movie to watch. I was going to let them, but Ben said no, time for bed, kids day was over. It was probably a good thing, we no more than got them settled down and tucked in that we went to check on Lucky. Poor Lucky was dead. Ben took him out in the garage and put him in his old Oakley sun glass case. Seriously, I couldn't help but laugh at that. But it was sad, especially seeing Tatumn's reaction. Even though we had explained when we bought them that sometimes baby chicks are like gold fish, they don't always live long.

All in all the kids had a great day. I mean, how many of us can say that we got baby chicks, had Easter egg hunts not on Easter, ate candy before supper, and had our parents cater to us for an entire day? It actually wasn't as bad as I had imagined, no one asked to leave town, spend hundreds of dollars, or even eat out every meal. It's definitely something we should do at least once a month, or maybe once every 2 months ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

25 Fun things to do with your girl friends

Thursday April 21, 2011

I love getting together with my friends. Tonight Christina, Jamie & I got together at Christina's house for a supper date. Christina made us quesidilla burgers. They were delicious. I enjoyed our night. It's nice to be able to hang out even when we have little ones totting around.

I know I have mentioned my 365 lists before but I am always trying to come up with fun new things to do with my friends. It usually ends up being the same old scrap booking, movie theater, dinner, etc. But I do enjoy those things so that is probably why. However, I would like to do some fun things this spring/summer with my girl friends. So, I scrolled the 365 list to find 25 things I WILL do in the upcoming months with my friends. I hope they are ready for me! ;) Here is what I have:

1.Go thrift store/antique/garage sale shopping. I do this alot with my friends in the warmer months. It's fun to see what kind of bargains we bring home, or as my husband would say, what kind of crap I can accumulate. ;)

2. Work out together. It's always more fun when you have a buddy to work out with. I hope to hit the bike trails with friends this summer, do some walking, and keep up with my class at the Y.

3. Get manicures/pedicures together. I would say massages, but when doing things with your friends it's nice to be able to chat with them as well.

4. Hit up the mall. For me, I need to make more time to go to the mall with my friends instead of my children! I want to take an entire day to hit as many stores as I can at the Mall of America.

5. Craft. Like I said, I do this all the time with my friends, we scrapbook. But you can always get together and each of you work on your own hobby. We just recently rented a club house and invited about 16 girls to come and enjoy a leisurely day away from home and scrap their hearts out!

6. Travel/Road trip. We are planning a road trip this summer and I can't wait. I think every girl needs to go on a road trip with their friends. The memories you will make will be unforgettable!

7. Bake. Get a few girl friends together. Each of you can bake something different. Split up your batches between the few of you and wah lah, you have treats to snack on, freeze, or share.

8. Movie Night. Either go to the theatre or host movie night at your house. I like to watch movie after movie some nights, so it would be fun to take a Saturday and have a movie marathon, veg out all day/night in comfy clothes with good movies only your girl friends would appreciate.

9. Form a book club. We are in our first month and are having our first meeting on Friday. I'm so excited. But even if you don't form a club, you can read a book along with a friend and see what different views you come up with.

10. Happy Hour. I gotta admit, I'm kinda over the whole bar scene, at least in my home town. Checking out new bars interests me, but I feel like I have other things I should be doing than sitting at the local bar. However, if you can get 1/2 off drinks and appetizers for a few hours and are able to scrounge up some friends to tag along, I would enjoy that.

11. Recipe/Meal swap. Just like "Let's Dish", get together with friends, have everyone prepare a recipe, split it up and everyone gets to try it, take it home,freeze it, whatever. That way you can try new foods, get a good recipe or two, and enjoy time with friends.

12. Game Night. Invite friends over to play cards, board games, pictionary, what every you have on hand. Have good snacks and play for hours. It's a nice option for those of us who have kids, you can stay home or bring them with.

13. Hit the pool/beach. I can't wait for warm weather. I like to meet up with friends and take our kids to the beach together. Although, I am going to make it a priority to get there at some point this summer with just my friends. Lay out, have a cocktail and enjoy the sun alllllll day long!

14. Host a wine/beer tasting at your house. Have all your friends bring a different beverage/wine/beer. Everyone can sample a new drink! Sounds good to me!

15. Pizza night. Get the girls together and make your own pizzas with your favorite toppings. Or order in and watch a movie too.

16. Picnic. I don't think you are ever too old for a picnic. Meet your friends
at a nice outdoor location, have everyone bring something, spread out a blanket and enjoy lunch.

17. Entertainment Swap. Go through all your cds, dvds, games, books, etc. Have your friends do the same. Have everyone over and bring their items. Swap!

18. Home Interior Swap. Same thing as above. Only go through your storage closets/tubs/etc. and pick out the items you don't have a place for or don't like anymore. Have your friends do the same, get together, and swap! My friends and I do this typically before a garage sale and we walk away thinking we scored big and the other person is so very glad to be rid of the object ;)

19. Take a class together. Hit up the community ed classes. Take a cooking class, self defense class, whatever they offer, enjoy it with a friend.

20. Garden. Get some friends together, plant a garden, flowers, or just do some much needed landscaping. Refresh with a fun beverage.

21. Have a back yard bbq. Invite friends over for a grill out. Play some crochet/ladder ball and enjoy the weather.

22. Go to an amusement park. I don't know why, but I have not been to Valley Fair in years. I think it would be fun to go with a bunch of girls and spend the day, it would bring back middle school memories!

23. Host a fondue Party. We did this for New Years and it was fun. Our friends asked us to each bring something and we fondued, marshmallows, strawberries, steak, shrimp, raviolis, veggies, etc. It was beyond good!

24. Have a beauty product testing party. Have each friend bring a new product that they love or want to try, whether it be an eye cream, nail polish, mascara, etc. let everyone try it out. Just another fun reason to get together.

25. Be one of the guys. Hit up a ball game, tailgate, attend a car show, watch a demolition derby, etc. Just plan it so it's all the girls!

Enjoy the girl time!


Frosting Fun

Wednesday April 20, 2011

Snack time today consisted of decorating sugar cookies. I made sugar cookies cut out into flowers. I had my niece mix up some pastel colored frosting, pink, blue, yellow, and green. We set out sprinkles, icing and stencils for more decorating fun.

The kids were excited to decorate cookies when they got home and of course to eat them!

It didn't take long before they were done so I decided to frost their faces. It was quite entertaining! They cleaned up nicely ;)


Tuesday April 19, 2011

Again today I was reminded of The Happiness Project. It was cold, snowy, ishy, (yes it is April) and the kids still wanted to go outside. Really? The last thing I wanted to do was dig out the snow pants and gear yet again. Especially since I had just washed every hat, mitten and scarf we owned so I could pack them away for the winter. But none of this mattered to Turner. He was going outside! So grudgingly I put on his snow pants making sure to do the trick (putting his pants over his boots, about the only thing that truly makes the child upset) and sent him outside. His dad had told him the day before that if he wanted to be a big helper he would go on the hill and toss down the trees that had been cut up. That's exactly what he did. He and Marcus were sliding down the hill trying to keep their footing as they ATTEMPTED to toss down branches. It wasn't working in their favor so before long they were riding trikes.

As I watched them play I was thinking, I almost made them stay inside because I didn't want to take the 5 minutes to get them ready to go out. Looking at them having so much fun I realized that reading this book was very good for me and even better for them! ;) I've been trying to watch my "no's" lately and really think about why I'm saying "No". After all I remember when I wasn't such a baby when it came to the weather and my mom would have to beg us to come in from sliding and playing in the freezing cold weather. They only have one childhood and I want them to have as many great memories as I had, even if that means I have to wash the hats and mittens again! ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Happiness Project

Monday April 18, 2011

I previously blogged about the book we are reading this month for our new book club. The Happiness Project. I'm almost done with it and can honestly say I've gotten a lot of great tips. Each month she choose an area in her life to work on.

January she focused on vitality. Exercise better, I try, there are days where I would rather crawl in a hole and never come out again than get up and go to class, I only go 2 days a week, I should be able to manage that. But I had taken quite a long sabbatical and am now trying harder to get back into it. Going to sleep earlier. Well this is tough for me since I am a terrible night owl. I do find that on the days where I work out, bedtime sounds terrific at the normal time of 9 p.m. Toss, restore, organize. I've tackled a few rooms, closets, drawers, etc. Purging and reminding myself, "QUIT BUYING THIS JUNK. JUST BECAUSE IT'S IN THE DOLLAR SECTION AT TARGET DOES NOT MEAN YOU NEED IT!" I also included my kids on this project. I told them each to go in their room and pick out 5 things they no longer wanted. Tatumn filled a few bags, in which I was so very, very thankful! Turner, well, we are working on him.

February was Marriage month! Yeesh! Can I skip this chapter? Teasing. Quit Nagging, does one stop? In all honesty, I feel like if I don't ask it won't get done. But she says, don't ask, do it yourself. So I've been trying, but you can't change 8 years in 1 month ;) Don't expect praise or appreciation. Oh my gosh, until I read this book, I didn't know how bad I was. "Ben, did you see how good the floors look? Did you see I cleaned your bathroom? Tatumn, did you notice I cleaned your room?" Yes, I'm terrible, as she would say, I expect gold stars. But I'm listening to her advice and now when I do a chore I think to myself, "I am doing this for me, no one else, but me. I like to have a clean home. I want my kids to function in an organized home." It really helps when you think of it that way, and to be honest, I feel more proud for doing it.

March: Aim Higher.
Launch a blog. Wow I've done this!! Yippee! Ask for help. I did, at Menards when I was buying stuff to pot plants. I walked away feeling like I actually knew what I was doing. Enjoy Now. She writes, "The fun part doesn't come later, now is the fun part." Don't wait 5 years to enjoy your job because you will be getting paid more, enjoy it now, just as it is, be thankful you have a job!

April: Lighten Up.
Sing in the morning. Sometimes I do this, the children laugh and that is way better than the alternative, whining! Be a treasure house of happy memories. Because I have an obsession with scrap booking I feel I do a pretty good job of this. But to me, making those memories is key. I've tried to something memorable with my kids since I read this. Whether it be reading them a book, watching them play outside, taking them to the park, or just snuggling them on the couch. When Tatumn was little, we had our struggles. I brought her to a play therapist. He put us on a routine of taking 5 minutes out of our day to do one-on-one time together. I'll be honest, there were days where we didn't do that. How awful, but I know we are not the only family out there that doesn't make time for each other. It really makes me sick to think out of all the minutes in the day, 5 was unreachable. I've changed that, and hope it has a significant effect on how my kids raise their own children.

May: Leisure
Take time to be silly. Oh, my poor kids, if you want to see a crazy mom rock out to Justin Bieber, meet in my driveway at 8:45. Our drives to school are pretty wild. Oddly enough, my kids don't get embarrassed by it. Guess I have to try harder! Go off the path. I'm excited to do this. Next time we go out to dinner, I'm going to try a new restaurant or item off the menu. Next time I need to buy a gift, I'm going to shop somewhere besides Target ;) Start a collection. I'm so upset with myself for not starting this earlier. The other day I was thrift store shopping and came across the cutest white ceramic Buddha. He was adorable. He held a candle and their was a little hole in his belly where I would assume light would shine through. I think that was my calling, white ceramic objects that will look cool displayed in little clusters on a shelf, that will be my collection. And I hope the little Buddha is waiting for me!

June: Friendship
Remember birthdays. I try, I wish I could be more organized to send a card. I myself love cards. But for now I try to at least say happy birthday on facebook, lame, I know. Be generous. I love giving! It does make a person feel happier, giving and receiving. I try to help my friends whenever I can. I'd rather clean their house than mine ;) Don't gossip. Wow, this has hit home quite a bit lately. I've gotten caught up in my fair share of dramatic events recently and I'm DONE! Done with it all. If it doesn't pertain to me, I don't want to hear it, unless it's good news of course. I decided that keeping a journal is the easiest way to get things off my chest, not telling so and so, who will then go and tell so and so, who will then go and tell so and so, who will then get mad at me. ;)

July: Money
Indulge in a modest splurge. The best advice any one could give me. Honestly, clearance racks scream my name. I'm done! If I don't need it, I don't buy it. If I feel like shopping, just to shop, I go with a notebook. The other day, Turner and I went to Target, my weakness, and walked just about every aisle. I jotted down things I would have liked to buy. I left with milk, eggs, butter, thing that was not needed.....mountain dew. Oh well, $4 beats the usual $50. Buy needful things, again that is relative to the above.

August: Eternity
This chapter I really thought was going to bore me, I didn't care to imitate a spiritual master. Yet within this chapter I think I found the most important bit of advice. Do it, don't wait until tomorrow, you may not be here tomorrow. The other day Turner was begging to walk down to the park. I kept saying no, Mom is tired, Mom has homework, Mom has cleaning to do, all of which was very true. However, I looked at him and thought, if today was the last day I'd have to spend with him, would I want to watch him play alone while I was doing homework, sit him in front of the t.v. while I did dishes. NO! I would want to hear him laugh, see him run around, see the excitement of being at the park on his little face. So many of us parents take our time with our kids for granted, I think all we need is to spend a few minutes with a parent who has lost a child. I think we would appreciate what we have a whole lot more!

I'm currently on September, but look forward to sharing with you some fun facts for the upcoming months. If this seems like a book you would enjoy, it's $11 well spent!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Ayva Baby

Sunday April 17,2011

Wow, it is amazing the time I didn't have to waste over the last few days. I forgot quickly what it's like having a little one in the house. Obviously if I had a baby I wouldn't be blogging, scrapping, crafting, or washing my dishes!

I give all moms of young kids lots of credit for the work it entails. I was there once but have no "true" memory of being sleep deprived and living a life solely revolved around an infant.

I definitely enjoyed my time with Ayva this last week. Her and I got some bonding time in, even a girls day of shopping and she was such a good girl.

Ben and I both agreed that we are content with our 2 growing kids. Even though last week I was thinking how fun it would be to have a baby again! Thanks Tara for sharing Ayva with me so I don't have to have my own.

After all it is fun to be able to spoil them, smooch on them and then give them back to mommy.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ayva Baby

Wednesday April 13, 2011

We are very excited to be watching our friend's 6 month old daughter for a few days while they go on a fishing weekend. Ayva is our friends Brock and Tara's little girl. She is such a cutie. When Tara said they were thinking about going fishing with their group of friends, she was a little hesitant because she has Ayva to worry about. I volunteered right away to have her. I have been having "baby thoughts" and figured this would be a good fix!

They brought her over tonight along with 90% of her belongings! We took over Turner's room and put away her stuff as if she was moving in. Her mommy and daddy stayed for awhile and said their goodbyes.

We had a rough start to our weekend, but I'm sure she was tired and wondered where her mommy was. We ended up snuggling on the living room floor all night. That's where she fell asleep so I didn't want to move her.

Both Ben and I agreed that we have forgotten how much it entails to have little ones in the house! It's fun to be able to smooch them, watch them even for a few days but to also know that a sound sleep and a get up and go lifestyle lies ahead.

Thanks Tara and Brock for sharing Ayva. We love her lots!! The kids really think she is cool and I've heard several times while Ayva has been here from Tatumn, "Mom, I want a sister!" Sorry kiddo, thank goodness for Ayva! She can be your temporary sister!

Birthday In the Park

Tuesday April 12, 2011

Today we celebrated Marcus' birthday at daycare. He turned 4! I asked him what he wanted for lunch and he chose McDonald's. I said perfect, we will eat at the park! They were excited.

They ate and played for a little over an hour. He opened his presents and then shared a great treat he brought, Hanisch Bakery cookies, the kind loaded with frosting, YUMMY!

We headed home where they continued to play outside. It was such a gorgeous day out, we all got a little red on our cheeks!

Happy Birthday Marcus!