Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time to scrap!!!!!

Thursday March 24, 2011

Finally, finally, finally the day has come. I've been waiting for months to go on a scrapping retreat, the first one I've ever planned. I looked online and found a home in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin whose owners use it as their cabin and rent it out for retreats.

It caught my eye for a few reasons. 1. Turtle Lake is where my family's cabin was my whole life so I really have fond memories of the small town. 2. Not far from Turtle Lake is a town called Rice Lake and there they have a huge discount store, Bargain Bills. Almost half of Bargain Bills is scrap booking supplies, so we planned a shopping excursion during our weekend getaway. 3. Turtle Lake has a casino and I like playing penny slots, so we planned that in as well. 4. The home looked beautiful and perfect for our small group of 6.

So this a.m. I got my kids situated at school and a babysitters, finished packing up the car, hit up Caribou, and picked up Tara. Mari and Jill followed us and we were on our way by 11ish. We couldn't wait. My car was packed with so much stuff, it was like we were going for a month. But you can never have too much scrappin stuff. :)

We arrived right on time, even though Tara's navigation system told us we were only going 19 mph....a little off! We got a tour from the owner and settled in. I was pleased with myself to have my first page done within a 1/2 hour of starting.

Around 7 Laurie and Tiff arrived and we were all cozied into our "home away from home" for the weekend. We scrapped until 2 a.m. and hit the sack, had to get up early to do a little shopping!

Tara and I ready for a fun filled weekend.

My packed car.

19 mph.....well it was right on for arrival time at least, it said 12:53 and we pulled in the driveway at.....12:53. Technology!

Mine and Tara's work area. The owner is a carpenter and he makes these awesome wood covers for banquet tables. It makes them look so nice, not just the blah gray table. I'll have to see if I can get someone to make me some!

My first page!!

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