Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Snack Time

Sunday March 13, 2011

For those of you who are running out of ideas for after school snacks, here are a few I can't wait to serve:

Chocolate Chip Cookies made in your waffle maker, I believe it said it only takes 90 seconds. ;)

Rim a glass with chocolate and sprinkles and fill with milk. Serve with sugar cookies!!

How slick is this? First put the veggie dip in the cup, then add the veggies. Easy, yet super cute!

This looks like a lot of fun to do with the kids. Use water balloons dipped in chocolate to make chocolate bowls. Then fill with all the ingredients for ice cream sundaes!

Grapecicles! Put a bunch of grapes on a BBQ skewer and freeze. Healthy, fun treat!

Take two apple slices and put peanut butter, chocolate chips and granola in between.

Smore pops. Place a marshmallow on a skewer, dip in chocolate, roll in crushed graham crackers.

Butterfly snack pack. Fill little snack sized baggies with trail mix, cereal mix, etc. clip a decorated clothespin in the middle, woolah, you have a craft project and a snack!

Carrot! Fill a pastry bag with goldfish and tie with green ribbon. Fun Easter treat to leave out for the Easter Bunny.

Edible Koolaid Play dough. Just make sure they wash their hands and have a clean surface to play on, I don't know, part of this idea makes me cringe ;)

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