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Thursday March 5, 2011

I started school again last fall. I've always struggled with what I wanted to be when I grew up, well now I'm grown up and still don't really know. So I decided to bite the bullet and just pick something. I am currently going for medical administrative secretary. It's an online course, which has it's positives and negatives. I need to be really organized and stay on top of my assignments, but I also can do them at my convenience.

I was really scared to start school again, I felt like I barely know how to divide anymore (which, I haven't had math yet, so this is still a worry), how the heck am I going to do in school? But school started and I was forced to start learning all sorts of medical terms and study, something I barely did in high school. I spent many hours at Caribou during my first semester to avoid distractions. I found that being at home was not such a blessing, I couldn't concentrate on school work knowing I had dishes in the sink, clothes piled up or better yet, scrapbook paper that could be organized ;) So I tried to get out of the house to do my studying.

I spent many nights crying, there were many tests/assignments that I would forget about or just miss, it seemed I couldn't keep up and I thought I was totally a hopeless student. I talked about quitting or changing my degree. It was definitely an emotional roller coaster. Just trying to keep up with my kid's school/activities, home life, work and school is tough, I give credit to all those who do it.

Finally, the semester came to an end and it felt so good to know that yes I did it and did it with all A's and one B (college writing, ish). It seemed like a huge stress was lifted off my shoulders.

Registration came and I was on the phone to my advisor picking out my next classes. She chose a few classes and told me that would be 9 credits, I was thrilled because I thought I had taken 14 the first semester. We went back and forth a bit over that because she said there was no way I could have done that. As she is on the phone to me, she is looking on her computer and she says, "Oh my god, you didn't take 14, you took 17. Are you working?" I laughed, I said well sort of, being that daycare doesn't involve me leaving my home. She couldn't believe it, she made me feel very accomplished. She then told me that school was going to be completely down hill for me from here on out. I was ecstatic. I learned that my hardest classes were out of the way and I had no reason to take that many credits again, unless I wanted to. I had a whole new outlook on school.

About a month or so later I received a manila envelope in the mail with my certificate for making the President's list. I was so happy. I know many people are on that but just knowing I was ready to give up and quit and didn't, made it even more special.

I'm now in my second semester and enjoying it. I only took 9 credits this semester and enjoy my "stress free" semester. I just finished my one class and only have a few months left until the others are done. It has gone so fast!

I hope to have a job within a year and half. So if you are doubting that you can go back to school, don't have the time, feel old or stupid, don't let that stop you, I'm glad I didn't!! We can all benefit from schooling, even if it's just a few refresher courses!

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