Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Retreat Day 2

Friday March 25, 2011

Day 2 at our retreat. We got up early this a.m. and had some bfast pizza and headed to Bargain Bills. Tara stayed behind to sleep in, since having Ayva 6 months ago, she's lacking in the sleep department.

We got to Bargain Bills and I was so excited since none of the other girl's had been there before. We shopped, and shopped, and shopped some more. Laurie drug a worker out in the parking lot to take our picture beneath their CRAFT sign, gotta have a cool picture to scrap later! On the way back to the cabin we calculated that in our van we had spent $600 at Bargain Bills. I guess we know how to shop!

I couldn't wait to get back and start scrapping with my new product. The cutest stuff ever! We had pizza for supper and stayed up scrapping again until 2 a.m. Tomorrow is Casino Day!

All of us minus Tara.

Crazy girls!

Scrapping the night away.

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