Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Organized Scrapbooking

Wednesday March 9, 2011

Tonight I spent hours organizing all my scrap stuff for our upcoming retreat. I went through every last brad, button, ribbon, scrap of paper, etc. and color coded, organized and tossed what I didn't need. I use my MANY 31 bags that I've purchased over the last year to help me keep organized. I have all my stickers organized into file folders with labels: girly, boyish, Christmas, summer, travel, etc. I bought fiber cards and wrapped all my ribbon and have them in plastic containers. I use 3 ring binders with plastic sheet protectors for my letter stickers. I try my best to stay organized, but it usually ends up scattered here and there in a matter of time. Here are a few fun organizational ideas I found on the web.

Over the door hangers are a great way of organizing just about anything, and a great way to hide it. I have one made of canvas and have thought of typing up categories: colored pencils, watercolors, markers, scissors, etc.,printing them off on transfer paper and ironing them onto each pocket to help organize my kids craft supplies. I've yet to do this, but hope to make it a project in the near future.

Peg board. I stole this idea from a friend of mine. I love the purpose it serves. I went to Menards and for a few bucks I got a nice sized piece to hang on my scrap room wall. I bought pegs for another couple dollars and I'm able to hang up my "Must Use" items that I would otherwise forget I had. The only problem for me is, I go to many places with my scrap stuff so I'm constantly taking stuff off of it. But for those of you who scrap at home it's a great idea.

This is how my ribbon is organized. The fiber cards are no more than $2 at most craft stores.

I think this is a cute idea. It would only really work if you had it set somewhere close to you, obviously traveling with this wouldn't be a good idea ;)

Storage containers are so fun. The variety of colors and patterns help accent your room. You can store pictures, picture cds, stamps, just about anything you can think of in them.

I love this. For those of you who have a closet space in your room, put your pages together, bag them up for later and hang them up with pant hangers. So cute! You could also hang a cute curtain rod from the ceiling as well.

Again, pant hangers and ribbon, who would've thought ;) What a great idea!

Magnetic spice racks are perfect for brads, buttons, flowers and other small embellishments.

Store your big tools on a ladder, it makes them look like a decorative piece rather than a machine that is just in the way.

Plastic bins can be found even at the dollar store. Use your labeler and label them. Who doesn't have a stash of these laying around?

Glass or plastic jars are perfect. They can be stored on a shelf and add a pop of color to your room as well.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to get organized! Good luck!


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