Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Finally Friday

Friday March 11, 2011

Just me and my little man all day and night. We ran a hundred and one errands this morning, it makes me realize how good that lil guy can be, he never really fusses about being dragged from one place to another.

By lunchtime we were seated next to Tatumn in the lunchroom, enjoying chicken strips and apples, Tatumn's first school lunch of the year! Since it was her "All About Me Week", I read a book to her class. It's funny how I get embarrassed to read to a group of kids, probably just because the teacher was watching. But I made it through!

We also went over to visit Tara and Ayva, I can't get enough of those cheeks! I've got babies on my mind so I'm thankful my friends have them to share with me!

Once school was over and I got Tatumn sent off with Kristi for a slumber party, Turner and I headed out. We picked up dinner and went over to our friends Mandy & Lucas' house to smooch on their lil guy, Carter. He's such a ham! Mandy and I were able to catch up and I got more baby time ;)

We had a busy, but great day. Tomorrow we are off to the Children's Museum!


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