Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ice Cube Trays

Wednesday March 23, 2011

Serve up toppings for an ice cream sundae in a cute way. You could also do taco toppings for a fun dinner idea.

Let the kids learn to do some planting with an ice cube tray.

You can freeze pasta sauce, pesto, soup, chicken stock....ready for use the next time around and nothing goes to waste.

Mess free painting, well sort of!

I love this idea. Freeze hot cocoa or coffee and have them on hand to cool down your drink. You can even freeze a marshmallow in the cube.

Melt down leftover crayons and mold them in an ice cube tray. Find ice cube trays that have unique shapes like Ikea's fish trays.

A fun idea, freeze little trinkets in an ice cube. Just be careful when they melt so the kids don't put them in their mouth and choke.

Stick some fruit in your ice cubes, Adds a bit of flavor to your boring glass of water, plus it looks fancy ;)

Use them to organize your desk drawer, your hardware, jewelry or hair accessories.

Of course for new moms, make your own baby food and freeze them in ice cube trays. Perfect portions.

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