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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Today was jam packed with church activities. I started out my morning teaching Sunday school. We made beautiful rainbows (some of which are not so much rainbows) to hang on the wall, enjoyed some suckers while reading about baptism. Then we colored our story sheets and headed out for music.

After church I ran a few errands with my mom and hustled over to another church where Desi's youth group was doing a spaghetti feed. It was delicious, but we basically ate and ran. I had homework I needed to get done and my day was no where near over.

At 4, my mom came back in and got me and we headed down to another church to serve a Loaves and Fishes meal. We are both on the Encourage committee at church and it was our turn to serve the meal. I have never done this before, but signed up to bring some salad dressings and black olives...huge, I know ;)

We got there and I started setting tables, for 80 people, I didn't really know what to expect, I just didn't think 80 people that's for sure. Loaves and Fishes is for people who are in need of a meal or maybe even some company. I think growing up in Red Wing and not having to visibly see people on the streets as you may in bigger cities, it's harder for us to understand that, yes, there are many, many people in this little town who are struggling. Some people might say, "Well aren't we all?" or "Well what got them in that situation?"....I've said those things. But it's more than that.

To see an elderly couple sit together and pray before their free meal is sad to me. I always think, well I have kids so I'll always have someone, but you just never know. I had Turner with me and it was fun to watch their faces as he ran around by them. Just seeing a little kid made their day brighter.

We finished preparing the food, we had a baked potato bar, and everyone lined up and got a plate. We went around with desert and once everyone was done eating and starting to clear out, we started to clean up. It was after 7 when we were done and we were all very tired.

If you asked me if I would do it again, I would say absolutely. If you asked me what my favorite part of the night was, I would say meeting and talking to people I would normally avoid.

It was a wake up call to me and I went home feeling like I did something special. I talked to Ben about it, he had no clue what I was doing. He thought I was serving fish and bread to our congregation. haha! Oh boy! Anyhow, he really wants to do it next time so I'm signing him up.

As an ENCOURAGE team member, I encourage all of you to give a bit or your time and I guarantee you will feel the same as I did when you are done. GRATEFUL!

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