Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Tuesday March 22, 2011

Tonight I worked on a project. I leave for a scrap booking retreat in 2 days and we are doing a gift exchange. My gift is going to be money! ;) I bought a cute little plastic jar at Joann Fabrics in the scrap booking section. I planned on decorating it and filling it with one dollar bills. Tonight I started. As I was making it I truly thought, "This is the ugliest thing I've ever made!" haha! But I kept on going. I taped paper all over it, sanded it down, smoothed it out, added more paper, sanded some more, added some embellishments, threw on some twine and called it quits. I stepped back, looked at it and thought, oh well, it's filled with money, that's all that matters, right?!

Whoever gets it can do with it what they will but as the night went on it kinda grew on me. The further back I stood from it helped, haha! Here is what I made.......


  1. I am a proud owner of this BEAUTIFUL "Life is Good" container! I love it Court!!

  2. Well I'm glad you like it, remember, shove it in your laundry room to collect spare change ;)