Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Craft Inspiration: Toilet paper/paper towel rolls

Wednesday March 4, 2011

I'm constantly saving stuff, paper towel rolls, empty soup cans, baby food jars, the little cloth bags sheets come in, etc. hoping to make cute crafts from this otherwise garbage. It's either a great way for me to let out my creativity or a terrible way to feed into my hoarding desires ;) Either way I have this stuff sitting in my back room calling my name. I thought I would maybe inspire you to recycle your trash into cool art projects. Start saving those paper towel/toilet paper rolls, I've got something cool for you!

Many years ago, the kids and I made these flowers out of cardboard rolls. We cut toilet paper rolls in strips not quite half way down on each side, so it didn't cut completely through. We then folded back the sections (petals), painted them and stuffed the centers with colored tissue paper. I used BBQ skewers that I painted green for the stem, you could add leaves as well. I have the one lonely flower we have left hanging in a vase in my craft/storage room. Here she is:

These are cute little yule logs I found on Martha Stewart's website. They printed off paper that looked like birch trees and glued them around toilet paper rolls.

Again, same type of flowers I made, only made into a wreath. Fun springtime project.

I absolutely love this, talk about cheap wall art.

These are little ornaments a shop owner made to hang on a tree in her display window.

Here is what it looked like, very simple.

Again, more wall art.

I hope this inspires you to try one of the above. Or at least let your kids have fun with the tubes!

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