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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tonight was Tatumn's first Cheer practice for the cheer clinic I signed her up for. She has been waiting and waiting and I practically missed the deadline. But we finally got her all signed up. I ended up having a quick yearbook meeting at Caribou so thankfully Kristi took the girls because of course Ben was busy fishing ;)

I was so excited to hear how it went. She came home and told me a few of the cheers, but by far, my favorite is:

Grow the mullet, grow, grow the mullet......Grease the mullet, grease, grease the mullet........Rock the mullet, rock, rock the mullet. hahahaha! I love it. I've called most of my family members and chanted the cheer for them as well, they are sure proud of me ;)

Wait, I'm not done. She gave me more.....Form the cow, form, form the cow......Tip the cow, tip, tip the cow! What in the world??? I had to laugh, I told her she belonged in Goodhue with rhymes like that! ;) Oh good times.

I'm excited to see all the girls cheer at this Friday night's boy's basketball game at the high school. You should all come and watch. There are like 50+ girls, they will be so cute. We had to go shopping for some jean shorts. I can't wait.

In the mean time, don't forget to.....Grease the mullet, grease, grease the mullet ;)

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