Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All About Me

Sunday March 6, 2011

This coming week at school it's Tatumn's week for All About Me. Each student gets a week where they get to bring in pictures and items that tells the class all about them. They also can have family members come in and tell about their jobs or read a book. Since daycare can be pretty boring, I am hoping to go read a book to her class and have lunch with her. She really wanted her dad to come in his big bucket truck but he didn't think he would be able to.

Anyhow, Tatumn and I made a picture board of her life. We had the afternoon to ourselves since the boys were going fishing. It was so nice out that I decided to hop in the car and drive her around to capture pictures that tell the story of her life.

First we have Fairview Hospital where 6 almost 7 years ago she was born.

While I went to work,she went to Aunty Heidi's house for daycare.

Onto Wisconsin, where she moved when she was just about 1 years old. And where we lived for the following 2 years.

Then we moved back to Minnesota into our first home.

She started her first year of preschool and continued the following year at Colville.

She also started dance when she was 3 years old at Fusion Dance and has danced there ever since.

Onto Kindergarten and up until now she attends Sunnyside Elementary.

She does many activities through the Y: Swim, soccer, gymnastics, volleyball & soon her first year of camp!

This is the final project we brought to school:

We had fun doing this together and she had fun recapping her little life so far!

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