Thursday, March 17, 2011

100 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids

Tuesday March 15, 2011

I have this obsession with list making. I make a ton of lists for one grocery run, or 15 different packing lists. I like to think that this helps me be organized, but what I really do is take the time to make these lists and then forget it at home on the kitchen counter when I run to the store. Story of my life. Well, I also make what I call 365 lists, it stemmed from a 365 scrapbook I started making last year. I sat down and over a few weeks I came up with 365 things to do throughout the year. This list gave me fun new ideas so my book wouldn't be boring to look at and to make me be more creative with my kids. I have 100 fun things I want to do with my kids so I will share them with you. Hopefully this list will give you a few new ideas so that you and your family can make some new memories. Enjoy!

1. Go sledding.
2. Build a snowman
3. Use food coloring/water in spray bottles to make snow art.
4. Go ice skating.
5. Have board game night.
6. Go to the park. (yes, even in the winter)
7. Color with side walk chalk.
8. Go on a scavenger hunt.
9. Go geocaching.
10. Go to the movies.
11. Go to the library.
12. Make smores (indoors or outdoors).
13. Blow bubbles (make your own).
14. Paint with shaving cream.
15. Make your own playdoh.
16. Play with Lego's or any building blocks.
17. Go to an amusement park.
18. Go to the zoo (yes, you can do this in the winter).
19. Go to a water park.
20. Play a ball game.
21. Paint with watercolors.
22. Go to a sporting event.
23. Go fishing.
24. Go out for ice cream.
25. Write letters to someone who lives far away.
26. Bake cupcakes.
27. Have a picnic.
28. Give them each a few dollars and take them to the dollar store, yes they will pick out junk, but they will feel like they got a ton!
29. Dance!
30. Have a tea party.
31. Go to a museum.
32. Feed the geese.
33. Plant something together.
34. Build a birdhouse.
35. Put together a puzzle.
36. Visit a cool toy store.
37. Make May Day baskets.
38. Decorate Easter Eggs.
39. Have an Easter egg hunt.
40. Play in the rain.
41. Fly kites.
42. Go bowling.
43. Rent movies and pop popcorn.
44. Let them give you a makeover.
45. Make homemade pizzas.
46. Play bingo.
47. Play hide-n-seek.
48. Play charades.
49. Buy a pinata (for no reason other than your own entertainment).
50. Take them to a kids workshop at Lowes or Home Depot.
51. Go on a train ride.
52. Make ice cream sundaes.
53. Watch old home videos.
54. Have a fondue night.
55. Play restaurant, you be the waiter, take orders and serve them at candle light (seriously, my kids LOVE this!).
56. Host a cooking show. You be the host, let them be your guests. As you are cooking, tell them what you are doing, let them stir something and taste things as you go. (again, huge favorite around this house and I get them to eat things they normally wouldn't eat, like peppers).
57. Go to an arcade.
58. Go to the House of Bounce.
59. Serve them breakfast in bed, or have them help serve someone else.
60. Build a fun fort in the house.
61. Go skiing.
62. Take them on a town tour. Show them all the cool things in your hometown.
63. Go to church together.
64. Take them out for dinner, for free! Many restaurants have kids eat free nights.
65. Tie dye t-shirts.
66. Make beads out of clay.
67. Go roller skating.
68. Make a scrapbook. (I don't know why this wasn't #1!) ;)
69. Teach them to give. Go through their toys and clothes and have them make donate piles, or bring items to the food shelf.
70. Make no-sew fleece blankets or scarves.
71. Make a question jar. Have all the family members write down questions to put in the jar. At dinner, one person can draw a question and every person gets a chance to answer it.
72. Have a play date.
73. Play a round of mini golf.
74. Exercise together.
75. Put on a talent show.
76. Teach them how to make origami.
77. Grow sugar crystals.
78. Have a relay race.
79. Stamp, use stamps, potatoes, apples, sponges, etc.
80. Make fruit loop jewelry.
81. Play Frisbee.
82. Get manicures/pedicures together (if you have a girl).
83. Paint rocks.
84. Bake cookies.
85. Color.
86. Make home made donuts.
87. Build robots out of recyclables.
88. Take them on a weekend road trip.
89. Ride bikes.
90. Play playdoh.
91. Do face paintings.
92. Go see a play.
93. Let them help you clean. My kids are thrilled with a dust rag as long as it has "spray" on it!
94. Make a collage out of old magazines and junk mail.
95. Play ISpy.
96. Play a game of cards like Go Fish.
97. Make puppets out of lunch bags, then put on a puppet show.
98. Go to the circus.
99. Let them help you wash the car.
100. Just play with them, barbies, cars, Polly pockets, animals, whatever. They need some of your undivided attention!

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