Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Retreat Day 3

Saturday March 26, 2011

Day 3 has arrived. I got up early, skipped my shower and started scrapping. We are going to the casino later and I have a goal.....60 pages. Needed to get crackin! We scrapped, ate lunch and finally I got ready for the day. We headed out to the casino with hopes of winning some money.

Once there, we got a drink and found a slot machine that was calling our names. Well, needless to say, mine hated me. I lost $20 right away, if you know me, that didn't sit well. I don't gamble and if I'm up $5 I cash out! I just enjoy the penny machines because $20 typically goes a long ways. Well, this time it didn't. Tiff on the other hand was standing behind me watching. The lady next to me cashed out and had won $80 on the machine next to mine. I told Tiff to play that machine, she didn't think she would win since that lady had. But she sat down and started playing anyway. Yeah, she won, the only one of us to win by the way. I should have taken her machine! She was up almost $100 but ended up with $50, which I would have taken to help cover the damage I had done yesterday at B. Bills.

We left the casino dissappointed (well maybe not Tiff)...but were excited to start scrapping again. Mari and Jill took off early and it was just the 4 of us left. We laughed so hard Saturday night and had a really great weekend. Tiff and I stayed up until 4 a.m. I came close to my goal, instead of 60 pages I got 57 done. I was pleased, I'm up to date now! Phew, what a feeling.

We can't wait to go back to Twin Maples (where we stayed) and have another girls weekend!

Their feelings when leaving the casino, Tiff is happy! The other two, not so much!

Oh lord, you should have seen the chaos of trying to take this picture. But we got one!

Laurie, won a whopping $0.

Tiff and her earnings.

Back at the cabin, getting back to work. We all miss our kiddos, but yet, I could stay another day ;)

Retreat Day 2

Friday March 25, 2011

Day 2 at our retreat. We got up early this a.m. and had some bfast pizza and headed to Bargain Bills. Tara stayed behind to sleep in, since having Ayva 6 months ago, she's lacking in the sleep department.

We got to Bargain Bills and I was so excited since none of the other girl's had been there before. We shopped, and shopped, and shopped some more. Laurie drug a worker out in the parking lot to take our picture beneath their CRAFT sign, gotta have a cool picture to scrap later! On the way back to the cabin we calculated that in our van we had spent $600 at Bargain Bills. I guess we know how to shop!

I couldn't wait to get back and start scrapping with my new product. The cutest stuff ever! We had pizza for supper and stayed up scrapping again until 2 a.m. Tomorrow is Casino Day!

All of us minus Tara.

Crazy girls!

Scrapping the night away.

Time to scrap!!!!!

Thursday March 24, 2011

Finally, finally, finally the day has come. I've been waiting for months to go on a scrapping retreat, the first one I've ever planned. I looked online and found a home in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin whose owners use it as their cabin and rent it out for retreats.

It caught my eye for a few reasons. 1. Turtle Lake is where my family's cabin was my whole life so I really have fond memories of the small town. 2. Not far from Turtle Lake is a town called Rice Lake and there they have a huge discount store, Bargain Bills. Almost half of Bargain Bills is scrap booking supplies, so we planned a shopping excursion during our weekend getaway. 3. Turtle Lake has a casino and I like playing penny slots, so we planned that in as well. 4. The home looked beautiful and perfect for our small group of 6.

So this a.m. I got my kids situated at school and a babysitters, finished packing up the car, hit up Caribou, and picked up Tara. Mari and Jill followed us and we were on our way by 11ish. We couldn't wait. My car was packed with so much stuff, it was like we were going for a month. But you can never have too much scrappin stuff. :)

We arrived right on time, even though Tara's navigation system told us we were only going 19 mph....a little off! We got a tour from the owner and settled in. I was pleased with myself to have my first page done within a 1/2 hour of starting.

Around 7 Laurie and Tiff arrived and we were all cozied into our "home away from home" for the weekend. We scrapped until 2 a.m. and hit the sack, had to get up early to do a little shopping!

Tara and I ready for a fun filled weekend.

My packed car.

19 mph.....well it was right on for arrival time at least, it said 12:53 and we pulled in the driveway at.....12:53. Technology!

Mine and Tara's work area. The owner is a carpenter and he makes these awesome wood covers for banquet tables. It makes them look so nice, not just the blah gray table. I'll have to see if I can get someone to make me some!

My first page!!

Ice Cube Trays

Wednesday March 23, 2011

Serve up toppings for an ice cream sundae in a cute way. You could also do taco toppings for a fun dinner idea.

Let the kids learn to do some planting with an ice cube tray.

You can freeze pasta sauce, pesto, soup, chicken stock....ready for use the next time around and nothing goes to waste.

Mess free painting, well sort of!

I love this idea. Freeze hot cocoa or coffee and have them on hand to cool down your drink. You can even freeze a marshmallow in the cube.

Melt down leftover crayons and mold them in an ice cube tray. Find ice cube trays that have unique shapes like Ikea's fish trays.

A fun idea, freeze little trinkets in an ice cube. Just be careful when they melt so the kids don't put them in their mouth and choke.

Stick some fruit in your ice cubes, Adds a bit of flavor to your boring glass of water, plus it looks fancy ;)

Use them to organize your desk drawer, your hardware, jewelry or hair accessories.

Of course for new moms, make your own baby food and freeze them in ice cube trays. Perfect portions.


Tuesday March 22, 2011

Tonight I worked on a project. I leave for a scrap booking retreat in 2 days and we are doing a gift exchange. My gift is going to be money! ;) I bought a cute little plastic jar at Joann Fabrics in the scrap booking section. I planned on decorating it and filling it with one dollar bills. Tonight I started. As I was making it I truly thought, "This is the ugliest thing I've ever made!" haha! But I kept on going. I taped paper all over it, sanded it down, smoothed it out, added more paper, sanded some more, added some embellishments, threw on some twine and called it quits. I stepped back, looked at it and thought, oh well, it's filled with money, that's all that matters, right?!

Whoever gets it can do with it what they will but as the night went on it kinda grew on me. The further back I stood from it helped, haha! Here is what I made.......

Monday, March 28, 2011


Tuesday March 22, 2011

Free stuff

Monday March 20, 2011

I know it may sound dumb, but I LOVE getting free stuff. Even if they are only samples. It's fun to get mail that doesn't consist of you having to pay a bill. I've gotten a ton of free stuff off one of my favorite websites I put travel size/samples to use in many ways. Instead of loading my full size products up when I go away for a night, I grab the mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I keep a set of shampoo/conditioner/body wash in my kid's swim bag at all times. When I get makeup samples/perfume samples/lotion samples/etc. I stock my purse & car with them. If I had a desk I would do that too. :) And it's nice to have all these extras on hand for the days when you forgot you were out of something. Dog food samples have come in handy when we ran out and so has juice packets. You also get a ton of coupons, which I'm a fan of. .50 off of each product adds up pretty quickly. The last time I went to the store with my coupons I saved almost $20, I know it doesn't compare to the hundreds they save on the coupon shows, but it's still $20 in my pocket. I love getting the coupons that are a dollar amount off of any product made by a certain company. For instance I get my Luna bars for free when they put coupons out. $1 off any Luna product but the individual bars are less than that, so wah lah, FREE! All in All I just really enjoy free stuff ;) Bath & Body is the best place, check out their coupons online.

I typically toss all my free stuff that comes in the mail into a bucket until I get a chance to go through it. The other day I finally went through a batch and here is what I had:

Princess Slumber Party

Sunday March 19, 2011

This weekend Tatumn went to a Princess Party at a church in town. They had to wear their favorite princess dress and pack an overnight bag since it was a slumber party. We don't really own any princess dresses so Tatumn and Mara decided to wear their dance costumes from last year, they even wore their wigs, so cute! After I dropped them off they danced, played games, had a tea party, made arts and crafts and giggled. Tatumn had so much fun. It was a great experience for her to make new friends. Her favorite thing was the tea party, I guess I know what I need to plan soon. Time to break out the tea cups!

Nature Hike

Saturday March 19, 2011

The kids have been hiking in back of our house for the last few weeks. It's a big hill and they have been climbing up it daily. One day they found what they called a tree house. They were so excited and were drawing up plans to finish it off. Finally, after hearing little pleas for weeks, Ben and I climbed up the hill with the kids to check it out. We got to the top of the hill and there in the tree was......someone's tree stand! ;) It consisted of about 3 boards, quite the tree house. But it was fun to see their excitment. I had to get a picture of them with the tree house, which of course lead to many more photos. We saw lots of deer droppings (which excited the kids, gross), animal tracks, walked the deer trails and Jacob even found an antler shed. We finally headed back down and have since been hashing out plans to build them a tree house a little closer to our house. Bring on the spring time weather!