Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thirty At Last

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well today Ben turned the big 3-0!! And it didn't seem to phase him. I was trying to get him to want a big surprise party like everyone has. That would give me a reason to plan a party, number one, but also decorate, make good food, and wow him. But nope, he wasn't having any of it, it's just not really him. He's not a "look at me" kind a guy, more quiet, keeps to himself. Surprise parties really are not his cup of tea. I did however inform him that I accept that he didn't want one, but don't get any ideas of jipping me! haha! Any reason to have a big bash is great to me!

So anyhow, we discussed what he wanted to do and he said he just wanted to go out to dinner with just me. Preferably Wiederholts, prime rib. I asked him if he wanted to invite another couple and he said, nope, just you and me and some good conversation. Good lord, we are total opposites. haha, but whatever he wishes, it is however his day.

I had gone shopping at MOA and got him his bday presents early so of course I couldn't wait to give them to him and he got them early. He liked them which was good. I got him some Nike shocks, something about a guy with nice white tennis shoes and dark denim jeans makes me do a double take ;) And then of course some clothes, and I didn't need to make any returns, that's a first.

He got shipped off to work out of town for a week and while away he indulged, nightly, in a prime rib feast. So he comes home and we are hashing out plans for his bday. He says he no longer wants to go to Wiederholts because he is "burnt out on prime rib". I think he needs to remember that, it's probably going to be the only time he will get to say that.

His birthday also fell on the kid's last day of swim lessons so that threw a wrench in our plans. I told him I would get someone to bring them so we could still go out and he said no, he wanted to watch them swim. He's a good dad, that's for sure. Then Tatumn tells him she would like Taco Johns, ish, I'm not a fan of tacos, but if you know me at all, even if I don't like it, I'll eat it. Ben agrees, he says, 6 pack and a pound it is!

Seriously, it's his 30th birthday and we are going to Taco Johns for a 6 pack and a pound? Oh my god. Whatever, I guess, it's not my day. And I would not settle for that, haha, he better not get any ideas. ;)

Then I felt bad that I didn't even make him a cake or anything so after swim we swung into Econo Foods and grabbed a pie and cheesecake. haha, the night just got better and better. At least he got to see the excitement in Tatumn when she found out she was going to be a Bluegill. She passed! Woo Hoo! Turner didn't, which we knew, and I had prepped him for it by telling him you need to stay a polliwog at least 3 or 4 sessions (because honestly it will be that before he passes). He didn't care!

So yup, that's how we celebrate the big 3-0 in this house. Happy Birthday Ben! Hope you enjoyed your family night with a sprinkle of heartburn! ;)

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