Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tatumn's Home Made Valentines!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I was shocked this year when Tatumn wanted me to make her Valentine's cards. I figured she would want Justin Bieber or ICarly. But she is obsessed with owls and since I was already making Turner's (robot cards) for preschool, she asked for those for the boys in her class. It was fun. I used Hoot and Holler and Robotz cricut cartridges to cut the owls, Guess Who Loves You, and the robots. I then pasted them on colored cardstock and cut the corners to make them into tags. I punched a hole in the top, attached a cute ribbon and buttons for the eyes. We punched a hole through the ziploc goody bag filled with treats and tied the ribbon through the hole. Since we didn't have a saying to cut for the robot cards, I used up little alphabet stickers to spell out, You Make My Heart Go Whirrr! Turner's valentine's were all robots and I ended up typing up a saying and gluing it to the back of his cards. His said, We're Programmed For Each other, You Make My Heart Go Beep Beep & I'm Nuts and Bolts About You. Tatumn just had to write her friend's names and sign her own on the back of each card. I love using the cricut to create things and didn't have to buy anything except the treats and baggies. Happy Valentine's Day!

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