Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rub Ons and Glassware

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am so excited about my latest projects. They are so fun, simple and cheap to make. I just buy glassware at the Dollar Store or Goodwill's and jazz them up with some fun rub-ons. I took this vase and put the Create on there. It cost me $1 and now I have something cute to store my pens/markers/etc. in on my scrap table.

I also took this old candle, my mom was actually getting rid of, and rubbed on Creativity. Now my scrapbook room has a little sparkle and smells of vanilla. And it was FREE!!!

This was actually my first one I did and I did it awhile ago. I went to the goodwill and bought this little vase for $.59, brought it home, scrubbed it up really good, and used my scrap booking rub on letters to spell out PRETTIES, I stash my jewelry I wear all the time in it, right on my bathroom counter. It's also used to stash my eyelash curler, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss (and no, that's not where they should go).....if only I could be a little more organized and a lot less messy ;)

Then I made a vase. I wrapped some hemp on the top for a little extra decoration.

For a few dollars, you could make all kinds of gifts. You could monogram a pitcher for a hostess gift, a vase for Mother's Day, a set of wine/beer/cocktail glasses for a bridal shower, just think outside the box!

My recommendation when needing a little inspiration, look at Pottery Barn online. Their items are outrageous, and many of them are do it yourself projects that you could find at thrift stores or antique shops for way less. You just need to apply your creativity and make it your own!

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