Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mall Of America

Saturday, February 12, 2011

This Christmas I decided to give my nieces and nephew a special day with me instead of a toy, of which they get so many. I typed up a little letter they opened on Christmas along with a small gift. I am bringing Laci to Chuck E Cheese and Zoe and Hunter to Mall of America.

Today I took Hunter and met up with Ashley and Zoe at the mall. They couldn't meet us until later so Hunter and I went to the Lego store. Wowzers, if a kid likes Legos that's the place to go. It was fun. They have little stations set up where you can play computer games and build things with Legos. They also have a whole wall that is filled with plastic bowls of all kinds of legos. You take a cup and fill it with as many different legos as you can fit. That way you can choose what you want. It's way cheaper than buying them in little sets at other stores.

When Ashley and Zoe got there we met up and I took the kids along with Tiffany and we went on rides. I don't like going to MOA on the weekends because it is so busy. I've taken Turner on Toddler Tuesdays and it's so much better. No lines, they ride for free, eat for free, you can't beat that. But we stood in line and in a matter of an hour and a half they went on 3 rides. Crazy, this is why amusement parks are not my cup of tea. But seeing their faces and hearing their giggles as we spun around in circles made waiting in line worth it.

We capped off the afternoon early since I had to be back in town for a birthday party for one of Turner's preschool friends. We grabbed lunch at the food court and headed out. I think they had fun. We made some memories, took pictures so those memories last forever and I didn't waste my money on a toy that they may only play with for a week. Now it's Laci's turn, Chuck E Cheese, here we come!

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