Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little fish!

Tuesday February 1, 2011

The kids have been in swim at the YMCA for about a year or so now. I have to admit, swim lessons is one of those things that seems like a chore to me. It's the act of getting there though, once we are there, it's quite entertaining.

My kids started out by screaming and fighting me just for washing there hair and "possibly" getting water in their eyes to jumping off diving boards. It was crazy what the first session of swim lessons did for their fear of water. I highly recommend them at an early age.

Tuesday night is swim night and this week I was flying solo since Ben was working out of town. Getting down there, suits on, swim belts on and in the water on time proves to be quite a challenge. But we did it!

I'm not sure who passed Turner into the next level, they are currently both polliwogs, but man, is it ever entertaining. The kid can not swim, at least without a life jacket, and those belts do nothing for a kid. The rest of the kids have to swim from one end to the other and do other things like tread water. Turner, well he has to be held while doing it. I think his teachers think he's cute, because he's so happy, even when he is drowning he comes up smiling and spewing water! I just sit on the bench and laugh. Tatumn she hasn't quite got the whole "hold your breath" thing down, so she comes up, squirting water out her nose and choking. It's quite a scene. But at least they aren't crying and they love going back each week.

I just figure, they will eventually get it and they won't be the 6th grader in swim class with the little kids like I was! Ok, I wasn't in 6th grade, but pretty close ;)

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