Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ice Fishing.....It's what we do!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let's start out by saying that ice fishing is huge in our family. I mean, my hubby, had the entire page of the local paper dedicated to him, his shack and his passion, fishing.....oh yeah and quiet time, lots of quiet time, 4-5 days a week, because as you know, it's either fish or sit at home! haha, I'm teasing, for those of you who don't know, Ben's words came back to haunt him when they were published in the paper for all to read. I gave him crap, still do, but I know that he works very hard and I don't mind him sittin down there catching fish (for me to eat).

So anyhow, some lady friends asked me to fish with them during the annual Elk's ice fishing tournament down at Baypoint Park. I of course said YES! I love to fish, could do it all day, and did! Mr. Harris woke me up bright and early at 6 a.m. (that's waaayyy to early for this lady) and we got ready. He couldn't possibly wait for me to shower, so he said he would go get us coffee at the gas station, when I asked him for Caribou, he said there was no time for that. Haha! Typical man. He comes back to pick me up and I hop in his truck. The smell of coffee was wonderful, but I noticed they were in Kwik Trip mugs. Now, I can tell you that these were not clean, I know this because I am the only one who washes dishes and I never washed those. He then fills me in, he washes them at Kwik Trip, really??? Gross! He doesn't find this disgusting at all, well I guess I'll have to crack a diet coke because there is no telling what's floating in that coffee!

We get down there and he gets his shack all warmed up, puts a line in the water and boom, fish. I get excited, woo hoo, fish, I'm for sure going to catch one of those today! I go back to the store with Carrie to get "clean" coffee! ;) Come back, meet up with the other girls and get cozy in our little shack provided so generously by Kip Edquist, a good friend of ours' dad. Such a sweet man that guy is. He set us up with a warm shack, poles, chairs and we brought the rest. We are women, so of course Jamie made muffins and Lindsey brought a breakfast to feed an army. But besides the food, we had beer. Our saving grace for the day, because little did we know fish would not visit us for the next 6 hours or for me 12 hours!

Well we started fishing, chatted, played hostess to many wanderers throughout the day, killed some minnows, watched Lindsey get really excited about catching a fish (which happened to be just her line wrapped on another rod laying on the floor, but it was quite exciting), listened to everyone around us scream for joy when they reeled in the big ones. Well it was becoming apparently obvious that we sucked so again, good thing for beer.......Oh and little butt cheeks to keep us entertained!

The tournament ended, we all went our seperate ways, that meant I walked next door to the green shack where I continued to fish with Ben, Andy & Lisa. Lisa and I got off the ice for a little bit to make a bait and food run. Tiff came down and dropped the kiddos off and we fished while they chased the dog around outside of the shack.

Lisa caught a nice fish and Ben caught a few others and Andy was reeling them in off of the tip ups. Then there was me, sitting smack dab in the middle, same bait on my hook, nothing....absolutely nothing. I was desperate, all I wanted was a fish. I hate to inform you that, yup, I suck. At least that's the way it looks. At one point Ben tried to tell me that it must be because my hands stunk, well, dear, you baited my hook. Nice try! We ended the evening with a Mike's Margarita and called it quits.

Not sure how I feel about ice fishing at the moment, still a little peeved, but I know my day will come. I'm just glad I got to be with friends & beer, lots of beer! ;) Enjoy the pics!

All of us girls & Kip!

Nellie, Jamie, Kip, Lindsay, Jess, Carrie & I

This is Ryan. Kip is his dad. Ryan caught his fish at 8a.m. The tournament started at 8a.m. Coincidence? haha! Teasing!

Oh Henry, what a cutie! Lee & Kate's little guy who kept us entertained!

Here we are laughing at Kip's set up. He has what appears to be a "drive up window" in his shack. It's just right for setting his beer down and enjoying a smoke! Gotta love him!

Attempting to catch a fish, Carrie, Jamie & Nellie.

Lindsey & Jess

Carrie, enjoying some of Kev's jerky, which slightly resembled a cow's tongue, but was delicious!

Jamie & Brady at the drive up window. ;)

Kate & Grace

Nellie & Jamie

Lisa & I

Kale, this is a wonderful picture. ;)

Sisterly Love

The husband and I

Yup, Lisa, that's all I caught all day ;)

Lisa, Andy & her nice fish.

Only put your finger right here, or it will bite you, comforting! ;)

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