Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How well do we know eachother?

Monday,February 21, 2011

Tonight we each did a little survey on each other, some answers were dead on, others not so much, while other answers were just hysterical!

Here is what we found out about each other:

Survey on Me:

My birth date: July 9, 1983. Tatumn: July 23, 1922 (ouch). Turner: didn't know (to be expected). Ben: got it right! finally, after 8 years!

How old am I: 27. Tatumn: 27, good job! Turner: 13, haha! Ben: 27.

1 Thing you like about me: Tatumn: my kisses. aww! Turner: my kisses ;) Ben: I'm kind. (funny how he didn't mention my kisses!)

How much do I weigh: We'll leave this up to your imagination. Tatumn: 40lbs (yikes!) Turner: 34lbs (double yikes) Ben: he chose not to go there ;) smart man!

What's your favorite thing to do with me? Tatumn: shop! that's my girl! Turner: watch cartoons (he doesn't realize that mom doesn't do this along with him. Ben: Relax at home with the family.

What is my favorite thing to do? Tatumn: scrapbook! Right on! Turner: homework (funny) Ben: scrapbook, I'm surprised he didn't say "going to Target"

What's my favorite color? all three guessed black, they were right.

What do you wish I could be? Tatumn: a nurse. Turner: a singer. Ben: a millionaire ;)

What do I do the best? Tatumn: scrapbook! Turner: shop (haha) Ben: be nice to people (I'm sure there are people who would disagree, and to them, I would assume they wouldn't be reading my blog)

Favorite food I cook: Tatumn: shake n bake chicken. Turner: mac n cheese Ben: meatloaf

My full name: Courtney Jean Harris. Tatumn: she got it right. Turner: Courtney Riley ;) Ben: Courtney Jeanie Little Weinie, close enough.

My favorite food: fried foods & pasta. Tatumn: shrimp. Turner: broccoli. Ben: didn't know.

My favorite thing to drink: Mt. Dew. Tatumn: water (I wish). Turner: milk. Ben: Mt. Dew, he has to make lots of runs to get me some ;)

My favorite t.v. show: true crime shows. Tatumn: Ellen (I do love her) Turner: Oprah, funny how he thought of her. Ben: The First 48. Good job hun!

My favorite store: All three guessed it....TARGET! Woo Hoo! Just thinking about it makes me excited!

Who I spend the most time with: Tatumn: Kristi, Lisa, Jamie & Tara. Turner: Jamie, Tara & Lisa. Ben: Tiffany, Kristi & Lisa. Lisa: you must be it, you were on all 3 lists ;) Hope you don't get sick of me!

My favorite candy: laffy taffy & caramello. Tatumn: snickers. The boys didn't know.

My favorite place to vacation: Mexico!!! Tatumn: scrapbook retreats (you know she might have something here, it's a toss up!) Turner: Mexico. Ben: Mexico.

The chore I hate the most: Tatumn: dishes. Turner: cleaning (pretty much, buddy) Ben: dishes.

Ben's Turn

His birthday? Feb. 22, 1981. Turner: July 28th...ahaha! Tatumn: Feb. 22, 1905 (well, happy 106th bday ben) Of course I got it right!

How old is he? 29, soon to be 30. Turner: 24. Tatumn and I got it right.

What do we like the most about him? Turner: that he shovels the driveway ;) Tatumn: that he ice fishes. Me: his humor, although sometimes it's not very nice ;)

How much does he weigh? Turner: 34lbs. Tatumn: 30lbs I was only 7lbs off.

What do we like to do the most with him? Tatumn: sit around and watch t.v. Turner: go to his friend's house. Me: travel.

What's his favorite thing to do? Turner: shovel. Tatumn: ice fish. Me: hunts ;)

His favorite color: we all got it right, blue.

What do we wish he could be? Turner: didn't know. Tatumn: a lineman. Me: filthy rich ;)

What does he do the best? Turner: shovels...he really likes shoveling apparently. Tatumn: linework. cute! Me: hunts, it's true.

Our favorite thing he cooks: Turner: chicken. Tatumn: brats. Me: anything he grills.

His full name: Benjamin Christ Harris. Turner: Ben Harris. Tatumn: Ben Harris. Me: I sure hope I got it right, but I do have many other names for him too ;)

His favorite food: prime rib. Turner: chicken. Tatumn: chicken, jelly & brats (sure hope that is separate) Me: prime rib.

His favorite drink: coffee. Turner: milk. Tatumn: Mt. Dew Me: coffee.

His favorite t.v. show: The News. (boring) Turner: News. Tatumn: News/weather (haha) Me: anything on the history channel.

His favorite store: Runnings. Turner: didn't know. Tatumn: Runnings/Menards. Me: Cabelas.

Who he spends the most time with: Turner: Paul. Tatumn: Paul, Kevin & Fischer. Me: Aaron, Brian & Kevin.

His favorite candy: we all got it right: snickers.

His favorite place to vacation: Mexico. Turner & I got it right. Tatumn said hunting trips!

Chore he hates the most: DISHES, he's never, ever, done them in the last 8 years, I mean never!! Both kids said cleaning and dishes, I would say they are right ;)

Now the kids answered their own questions.
Turner's Survey

His birthdate: tomorrow, July 28th.....
How old is he: 3
How much does he weigh? 44lbs., close 35lbs.
What's your favorite thing to do: play tractors
Favorite color: green, blue...just like Dad's.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Farmer Johnson, bhahaahhaa!
What do you do the best? clean, haha, I beg to differ!
Your full name: Turner Leighton Harris
Your favorite food: mac n cheese
Your favorite drink: milk and juice
Your favorite t.v. show: Mickey Mouse Club House
Favorite store: Econo Foods, good lord, we do spend a lot of time there.
Who do you spend the most time with? Johnny, Hunter & Marcus.
Your favorite candy: Laffy Taffy
Your favorite song: Big Green Tractor
Your favorite place to vacation: Mexico, he's never been anywhere, so this is where he would like to go.
The chore he hates the most: cleaning, but he also said this is what he is the best at. hmmm.....

Tatumn's survey (Turner answered her questions as well)

Her birthday: July 28th, Turner was right.

How old are you: 6, Turner: 10

Favorite thing to do: play, Turner said, play outside and going to Kristi's.

Favorite thing to do with Mom: watch t.v., Turner said clean (I know this is not true)

Favorite color: pink & purple. Turner: pink.

What do you want to be when you grow up? cowgirl or farmer. Turner was right on! Apparently they have big plans to live on a farm together.

Full Name: Tatumn Riley Harris, Turner knew this, pretty sure it's yelled quite frequently at our house ;)

Favorite food: popcorn chicken. Turner: mac n cheese, he says this about everyone.

Favorite drink: pop (of course) Turner: juice.

Favorite t.v. show: Spongebob (gross, I dislike this show) Turner: Hannah Montana.

Favorite store: Target, Turner said the same.

Who do you spend the most time with: The list went on and on and on, everyone she could think of. Turner said: Kennedy, Mara & Meya.

Favorite Candy: laffy taffy. Turner: tootsie rolls.

Favorite song: Who are you when I'm not looking? Turner was right.

Favorite place to vacation: Disney World (she is hoping to go there). Turner: Mexico.

Chore she dislikes the most: cleaning. Turner: cleaning. (I say brushing her teeth)


  1. ahhh ha! i figured out how to comment :) and i am honored to have made the 'lists'. love the blog!

  2. I just figured out how to see my comments! ;) better late than never! Thanks for hanging out last night, that's why you make the list, you are one of the select few willing to have slumber parties with me ;)