Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hot tubbin'

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tonight I got out of the house and was able to hang out with two great friends from high school. Christina invited Jamie and I to sit in the hot tub at her brother's house and indulge in some cocktails, appetizers & good conversation, and that we did!

My mom took my kids over night for me and Jamie picked me up at there. Loading my drinks and bags into Jamie's car in my parent's driveway brought back memories of the "good old days!" (so did fearing for my life as I rode with her)....just kidding Jamie, she knows I'm really not kidding though, she's a crazy driver ;)

We met Christina and got in the hot tub. I think I need one of those, man, did it feel good. Sitting outside in the cold Minnesota weather can only be done, at least for me, in a hot tub! We drank some beers, discussed everything under the sun, from high school to childbirth and marriage. It's nice to have friends that even if you don't see that often you still feel close to.

The worst part of course was that I didn't have my memory card for my camera so I got zero pictures, which for me, is very traumatic. For the other two, they are probably pleased I won't be posting pics all over the web! haha! Next time!

It was an enjoyable, relaxing, much needed night with two good girl friends!

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